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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
00696468Ukulele for Kids with Audio AddessJohnsonUkes$12.99image
ED21550Altblockfloten Duet Book(Hintermeier & Baude)AAs$28.99image
ED10722Hoe-downBonsorSA Pfp & s$9.95image
NR14171310 Italian Sonata for Recorder and Continuo(Fertonani)A Hp & s$25.99image
ED21796Altblockfloten-solobuch(Hintermeier and Baude)As$28.99image
ST12141-10Complete Consort MusicDowland5is$41.95image
50331960Solos for the Alto Recorder Player(Camden and Devereux)A Pfp & s$17.99image
50485897Complete 26 Preludes, 21 Nocturnes and 19 WaltzesChopin (Joseffy)Pfs$18.99n/a
Z14276Baroque Dances for two Altos, 89 dances(Czidra)AAs$27.00image
ED12709Ventiquattro Capricci per Violino Solo, Opus III, with a detailed introductionLocatelliVp & s$57.00image
ED 421212 Sonatas Opus 2, Volume 1: Sonatas 1-6VivaldiV Bcp & s$21.99image
00699237The Beatles for Classical Guitar, 31 SongsLennon, McCartney, Harrison (Hill)Gs TAB$19.99image
CVP 14Scarborough Fair(Lindvall)STB3s$5.00image
HN990Gamba Sonatas, Wq 88, 136, 137, for Viol da Gamba (Viola)Bach, C. P. E.Vdg (Va) Bcp & s$68.95image
NOV110202The Bass Recorder HandbookBloodworthBs$27.95image
HN 324Romances for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 40 and 50, Urtext, Piano ReductionBeethovenV Pfp & s$19.95image
ST 11545Two Fantasies for three recordersByrdSATs$7.95image
OFB 79Triosonate for 2 Alto recorders (Violins) and Bc, d minorPurcell, D.AA(VV) Bcp & s$17.95image
WB 3Three Part Consort Music, Barless versionByrdTrTBp & s$16.00image
CH61422Recorder Trios from the Beginning, Pupil's Book(Pitts)SSA,SAA,SATp$9.95image
CH61213Recorder Duets from the Beginning, Book 1(Pitts)SSs$7.95image
NOV164142Practice Book for the Flute, Book 3 ArticulationWyeFs$13.95image
50485504Sixty Studies for the Violin, Op. 45, CompleteWohlfahrtVs$8.99n/a
AM948629The Complete Works of Gaspar Sanz, Volumes 1 & 2Sanz (Willard)Gs TAB 2CDS$29.95image
4470920Selected Duets for Flute, Vol. I (Easy-Medium)(Voxman)FFs$9.99image
GA 136Hommage à TarregaTurina (Segovia)Gs$13.99image
OFB 87Triosonata, e minorSchickhardtAA Bcp & s$17.95image
290541Heart and Soul & other Duet FavoritesAnthologyPfs$10.99image
BOE005011Music from the Romantic Era, Violin & Piano, First Recital PiecesAnthologyV Pfp & s$17.95image
6056Music of the Baroque for Three Recorders(Katz)SS(A)A(T)s$6.99image
OFB 1019Sonata, G minor, op. 1, No. 3BarsantiA, Bcp & s$16.00image
FTR 2918 kleine DuetteDevienneFFs$15.00image
FTR 1Hamburger Sonate G DurBach, C. P. E.F Bcp & s$16.99image
JC 2ASix Fantasias for Treble and Tenor Viol, Barless VersionCoprarioTrTp & s$10.00image
M060065323Farewell to StromnessMaxwell DaviesGs$14.99image
OG 4Four Part Consort MusicGibbonsTrTBBp & s$25.00image
OG 2TNSix Fantasias for Two TenorsGibbonsTTp & s$15.00image
CB 159Tango PassionatoPutzCCCCp & s$21.99image
ST 11244Harpsichord Method(Boxall)Hs$35.00image
ST 10495Twelve English Country Dances from the Apted Book(Bergmann)SAT Pfp & s$16.95image
OFB 173Trio SonataQuantzAA Bcp & s$23.95image
OFB 10003 Sonatas Opus 2, Nr. 9, 11, & 12MarcelloA Bcp & s$19.95image
OFB 1703 Sonatas of the Italian BaroqueAlbinoni, Dall'Abaco, VeraciniA Bcp & s$26.95image
FTR 94Sechs Sonaten, Band I, Sonata I, IV, IIIBoismortierFFFs$20.99image
AM 17948Baroque & Folk(Zeitlin)S(T)s$11.95image
MM 2Enjoy Your Recorder, altoTrapp FamilyA(Sn)s$7.50image
FTR 15Six Suites for Flute SoloBoismortierFs$17.99image
OFB 1862 Sonatas, Sonata overo Toccata sesta, Op. 4 and Sonata Duodecima, Op. 5UccelliniS Bcp & s$20.50image
ST 8916European Folk Songs(Linde)SATBs$15.95image