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UE3807116 Miniatures for Soprano Recorder & Piano with CDDehnhardS Pfp & s CD$24.95image
LCC 31Azure Sky, Nocte in Caerula CaeliLouxa S(O, V) C 2p & 2s$9.95image
LCC 30Joseph Lieber (Resonet in Laudibus)(Oppenheimer)SATB vo, Pf5s$10.95image
IRCS 16Il Primo Libro de Canzoni Francese Vol. I (1624)CorradiniTrTrTB, VVVaC, SATB5p & s$35.00image
UE31482Recorder Trios a la carte, Irish Coffee, 5 Irish tunes(Rosin)SABp & s$18.50image
PM103-BPassamezzo Method for viola da gamba, Bass Viol, Book Three(Elhard)Bs$24.95image
LMP 222Divisions on Two GroundsFingerA Bc2 s$10.95image
1.2139The New Pageants for Piano, Introductory Pageant: Book 1WaxmanPfs$7.85image
1.2140The New Pageants for Piano, Piano Pageant: Book 2WaxmanPfs$9.95image
LMP 190Exercises: Fa Ut (VII) et Fa Ut (XI)PalestrinaTTTB vo4s$7.00image
RS 8Recorder Studies, Vol. 8, 6 solosShannonS(T)s$10.95image
CMP 455Playford Duets, 56 tunes PlayfordBB (TB) (TrB)2s$17.00image
LMP 181Trois Trios, M-8 Et non est qui adjuvet, B-17 Sanz cuer, B-35 Gais et jolis Machaut3 vo, ip & s$7.50image
LCC 29Two More for Three, Sussex Carol, Il est Ne(Clemens/ Lindvall)SAB & TTB3s$6.95image
LCC 28Two for Three, We Wish you a Merry Christmas, We three Kings(Clemens/ Lindvall)SAB3s$6.95image
MES1Handel's Messiah, a Rhetorical GuideTarling$60.00image
ECS2034Finnish Folk-Songs for Soprano and Alto Recorders(Stocker)SA(T)s$5.55image
1.3122The New Pageants for Piano, Book 1AWaxmanPfs$7.85image
ED 460112 Chamber Sonatas, Op. 4, no. 1-6, Vol. 1CorelliVV Bcp & s$28.95image
B334Invitation to the Partsong 6, Ayres for satb by Dowland(Bush and Hurd)satbs$16.00image
1.2545Chanukah Suite for Recorder TrioGoldsteinSAT2s$11.30image
1.2141The New Pageants for Piano, Folksong Pageant: Book 2AWaxmanPfs$8.50image
VDGS 19Second Suite for pardessus de viole and basso continuoCaix d'HerveloisTr(F, A, V) Bcp & s$8.50image
VDGS 13Twenty-two AirsWithyBB Organp & s$13.00image
CMP 619A Book of Daily Exercises for Viola PlayersForbesVas$10.00image
KM 9An Apology for ScalesCatchVdgs$5.50image
CMP 433Trios from 1600AnthologyTrT(Tr)Bp & s$11.00image
TF3Tablature for Three(Bishop)TT(BB)B3p TAB$30.00image
TF2Tablature for Two(Bishop)BBs TAB$25.00image
ED10886Shepherd's HeyGraingerSAT Pfp & s$13.95image
CMP 460First Solos for the Treble Viol(Crum)Trs$15.25image
CMP 450First Solos for the Tenor Viol(Crum)Ts$15.25image
40B40 Melodic and Progressive Exercises for Viola da GambaBishopBs$17.50image
40TN40 Melodic and Progressive Exercises for Tenor Viola da GambaBishopTns$17.50image
40TR40 Melodic and Progressive Exercises for Treble Viola da GambaBishopTrs$17.50image
CMP 440First Solos for Bass Viol(Crum)Vdgs$15.25image
SP 230310 Songs and Dances(Burakoff & Strickland)SAs$4.50image
24M24 Melodic and Progressive ExercisesBishopTrTBs$15.00image
VMVade MecumBishopBs$25.00image
VGMViola da Gamba MethodBishopTrTBs$20.00image
SP 2339Songs of Praise(Walker)SS Pfs$2.95image
LMP 83Ayerie Fancies, Vol. 1EastAATBp & s$11.25image
LMP 48Browning for 3BevinATBp & s$3.50image
OFB 144Six Sonatas for two Treble Recorders, Vol. 3, opus 2 No.5-6, TWV40:105,106transTelemannAAs$21.95image
ECS2009Elizabethan & Shakespearean Musicke(Simpson)2-6is$19.45image
ZN985252Sound and Soul, The Recorder Collection of Frans BruggenBruggenDVD$31.99imageOut of stock