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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
1.2142The New Pageants for Piano, Piano Pageant: Book 3WaxmanPfs$9.95image
1.2139The New Pageants for Piano, Introductory Pageant: Book 1WaxmanPfs$7.85image
1.2140The New Pageants for Piano, Piano Pageant: Book 2WaxmanPfs$9.95image
OFB 52Sonata a minor op. 3, No. 4Loeillet, J. B.A(F)Bcp & s$18.99image
UE31481La Paloma, Carmela, Albeniz Tango(Rosin)SABp & s$18.95image
MK3353The Silvermines, ReelRosinSnSATBGbCb9p & s$36.00image
MK3352Evening Rise, Native American SongBeutlerSAATTTBBGbCb11p & s$37.00image
SP 2360Around the World in 30 Tunes(Burakoff)Ss$5.50image
Z14376French Baroque Duets for two treble recorders(Janos)AAs$20.45image
SIEG025Journey to Jinja for quartet and orchestraSiegSATB, SnSSAATTBBGbCbp & s$48.00image
SIEG035Ixesha, African Suite No. 20SiegATBGb/TBBGbp & s$27.00image
ED10024Twelve Short DuetsTelemannSA(T)s$9.95image
SIEG024Njagala Nnyimba, African Suite Nr. 17SiegSATTBp & s$32.00image
SIEG009Vitambo vya moyo, Afrikanische Suite No. 4, original for ATTBGbSiegATTBGbp & s$32.00image
SIEG011Vitambo vya moyo, Afrikanische Suite No. 4, for ATTBSiegATTBp & s$27.00image
SIEG013Ajo oloyin, Afrikanische Suite No. 6SiegAASSTTBB/AATTTBBBp & s$32.00image
SIEG014Umlanjana, 20 duets for various recordersSieg2 recs$27.00image
MK 141Eight Dances from the Notebook for WolfgangMozart, L.SATs$5.50image
PM102-TCPassamezzo Method for viola da gamba, Tenor Viol, Book Two, Alto clef version(Elhard)Tns$19.95image
PM101-TCPassamezzo Method for viola da gamba, Tenor Viol, Book One, alto clef version(Elhard)Tns$19.95image
PM101-TGPassamezzo Method for viola da gamba, Tenor Viol, Book One, Treble clef version(Elhard)Tns$14.95image
MK2092Canzoni da sonare a 1-4 voci, Book I, Canzon a una, Canzon la Rizza, Canzon la GRiccio1-2 i Bcp & s$20.00image
1.3122The New Pageants for Piano, Book 1AWaxmanPfs$7.85image
N4764Quartett Spielbuch III(Herrmann)4is$26.00image
Z14285Chamber Music for Three Treble Recorders from the 14th-18th centuries(Bali)AAAs$19.45image
1.2141The New Pageants for Piano, Folksong Pageant: Book 2AWaxmanPfs$8.50image
SP 2408Devotional Hymns for SAT recorders, 8 moderately easy arrangements(Lindvall)SATs$4.95image
N4949Strassenmusik for 2, Heft 2HegerSS(TT,ST,SA,OO)Gs$14.00image
MK2561The Voice of the CrocodileThornBs$14.00image
F508At the CircusCareySATBp & s$19.00image
MK 421Five Brazilian Folksongs(Lacerda)SATs$5.50image
1.2400Sonata in C minor in Modo PreclassicoStaepsA Pfp & s$8.50image
1.2372Saratoga SuiteStaepsSATp & s$16.50image
OFB 144Six Sonatas for two Treble Recorders, Vol. 3, opus 2 No.5-6, TWV40:105,106transTelemannAAs$19.95image
MK2033Handleitung fur das spiel der Alt-Blockflote, Teil 1MonkemeyerAs$17.00image
SP 2365The Sweet Pipes Recorder Book, Vol. 2 soprano(adults)BurakoffSs$8.50image
ECS2009Elizabethan & Shakespearean Musicke(Simpson)2-6is$19.45image