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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
296899The School of Velocity, Opus 299, Books 1 and 2Czerny (Edwards)Pfs$12.99image
9790060123849Microjazz Christmas Collection, 20 jazzy interpretations of traditional carols(Norton)Pfs$22.99image
00148815Gabriel's OboeMorriconeA (O) Pfs$6.99image
FF1075Piano Adventures, Lesson Book, Primer, Second edition(Faber & Faber)Pfs$7.99image
ED1262712 Sonatas Opus 6, Volume 2: Sonatas 7-12LocatelliV Bcp & s$35.00image
ED1262612 Sonatas Opus 6, Volume 1: Sonatas 1-6LocatelliV Bcp & s$35.00image
BOE 003917School of Bowing Technique Op. 2, Part 1 for ViolaSevcik (Tertis)Vas$9.95image
LPM 103Playford Dances, Vol. 2, 82 Dances(Thomas)SATBs$14.00image
SP 2411Recorders without Borders, 13 one octave pieces, vol. 2 with CDSternSS percs CD$19.95image
LPM EMLV341Rondeaux & Virelais, Version for ViolsOckeghem3vo(3i)3s$7.50image
LPM EMLV3054 Chansons a 3, Version for ViolsArcadeltTrTrT3s$5.00image
LPM EMLV1194 Rondeaux, Version for violsde la HalleTrTT3s$5.00image
FF1081Piano Adventures, Lesson Book, Level 2A, 1997 edition(Faber & Faber)Pfs$7.99image
BMC 10496Selected Piano StudiesCzerny(Germer)Pfs$12.99image
DOL 125Der Fluyten Lust-Hof, Complete edition and CommentaryEyckS4b$36.00image
Z14254Baroque StudiesCzidraSs$25.95image
LPM EML 375Nu komm der Heiden HeilandAnthology5i(5vo)5s$7.75image
LPM EML 3727 Christmas Hymns after Georg RhawRhaw4vo(SATB)4s$9.00image
LPM 1027Pieces 13-14: Pavan & GalliardHolborne5i5s$5.50image
LPM 1026Pieces 11-12: Pavan & GalliardHolborne5i5s$5.50image
LPM 517Nu Komm der Heyden HeylandPraetoriusSSATTBp & s$6.50image
SP 2334Baroque Time(Burakoff & Strickland)SS(A)s$4.00image
LPM REP 11Divisions on Ancor che col partireDalla Casa & Bassano4i(4vo)SBcp & s$13.50n/a
ST 11837Twelve Easy Pieces for harpsichord(Boxall)Hs$13.99image
LPM EML 3213 Christmas HymnsEccard5i(5vo)5s$7.00image
MTC 1533 Christmas Carols for One Octave Instruments(Kitts-Turner)3is$8.95image
OFB 114Sonate, g minor RV 58VivaldiA(F,O,V)Bcp & s$17.99image
DOL 223Sonata in F MajorBabellS Bcp & s$6.00image
MFS03Tabor - Pipe Companion(Kelischek)tpipes$8.95image
MR 151Tune Book Two, 104 One -Octave Tunes(Kelischek)ocarinas$6.95image
MR 152Medieval Tunes(Kelischek)ocarinas$5.95image
LPM EML 2922 CanzoniFerrettiSATTTB(6vo)6s$7.50image
DOL 305Concerto (TWV 40: 202)TelemannAAAAp & s$7.50image
LPM 102Playford Dances, Vol. 1, 68 Dances(Thomas)SATBs$13.50image
LPM EML 2827 Airs or Fantastic SpiritsWeelkes3vo(3i)3s$8.00image
LPM EML 2105 Instrumental PiecesGhiselinATB(3i)3s$7.50image
FOS 4Native American Tunes(Moore)SAT/SATBs$7.95image
OFB 143Six Sonatas for two Treble Recorders, Vol. 2, opus 2 No.3-4, TWV 40:103,104transTelemannAAs$19.99image
Z 509010Suites I-III for Violincello BWV 1007, 1008, 1009Bach, J. S. (Bruggen)As$14.95image
SIK 31840 Studies for Alto from the Solfeggio of Frederick the GreatAnthologyAs$14.95image
SP 2367The Sweet Pipes Recorder Book, Vol. 2 alto(adults)BurakoffAs$9.50image
SP 2365The Sweet Pipes Recorder Book, Vol. 2 soprano(adults)BurakoffSs$8.50image
SP 2313The Sweet Pipes Recorder Book, Vol. 1 soprano(adults)BurakoffSs$6.50image
LPM 101ADanserye, Complete edition, Four scores with CommentarySusato4ip & s$34.00image
CMBV131EXTLes Plaisirs champetres, extra partsRebel7 dessus 2 bsn9p$45.00n/aOut of stock
CMBV237MOConcerto pour violon et orchestre, Op. VII, n 1LeClairV 6634121p$90.00n/aOut of stock