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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
DHP1115197-070Suite in g minorPhalesius (Spanhove)SATBp & s$16.00image
DH104360810 Renaissance DancesGastoldi SA(S)Tp & s$14.00image
F856The Trio Collection, Vol. 1 four trios includeing Yellow Rose of Texas(Carey & Prescott)SATp & s$10.00image
MHE10712Easy Baroque Consorts, 7 pieces(Hooker)SATBp & s$12.00image
ECR02Five Four-Part Fantasias arranged for recorders (C17, C18, C19, C20, C21)Coprario SATBp & s$16.00image
253021984The Accompaniment in Unaccompanied Bach, Interpreting the Sonatas and PartitasRitchie$33.00image
LMP 79Three hits of the Renaissance: Bacco, Bacco, Skirazula, and Fata la ParteEncino, Paix, CortecciaSATB perc4 s$7.50n/a
VC094Twelve Chorale PreludesAnthologyTrTTBp & s$25.00image
CVP 34O Sacred Head, Now Wounded/ Pange Lingua(Lindvall)SATBp & s$5.00n/a
AP 226Java JiveOakland & DrakeAATBp & s$7.95image
AP 035The Richmond RagAufderheideSnSTBp & s$7.95image
AP 222A Tiskit, A TasketFitzgerald & FeldamanATTBp & s$7.95image
AP 229A Foggy Day in London TownGershwinATTBp & s$7.95image
GSM1008Federal Fantasia & FugueShannonSATBp & s$8.00image
LMP 214Lamentatio, Sanctae Matris, Ecclesiae ConstantinopolitanaeDuFaySATB (4vo)p & s$11.95image
EW 905Upon a Ground, Improvisation on Ostinato Basses from 16th-18th Cent. Erhardt (Machover)s 2CDs$45.00image
AP 019Sonata a Tre for Bass Recorder TrioQuantz (Davis)BBBp & s$7.95image
LPM REP 21Canzon La Porcia after Antonio MortaroRognoniS Bc, SATB6p & 2s$11.00image
MK 734/735Fablebook, four piecesTeschnerAATs$7.00image
017116495The Notation is not the Music, Reflections on Early Music Practice, clothKuijken$32.00image
GSM1007FrietjesShannonSATBp & s$5.00image
GSM1021Shannon Duets, Vol. 1 for Soprano or TenorShannonSS (TT)s$10.00image
GSM1023Shannon Duets, Vol. 3 for Soprano and TenorShannonSTs$10.00image
GSM1024Shannon Duets, Vol. 4 for AltosShannonAAs$10.00image
GSM1027Shannon Duets, Vol. 7 for Alto and BassShannonABs$10.00image
GSM1028Shannon Duets, Vol. 8 for Tenor and BassShannonTBs$10.00image
ST 4369The Flourshing Baroque Period, 30 Duets(Hillemann)AAs$12.95image
VC081Suites for Treble and Two Bass ViolsLockeTrBBp & s$28.00image
VC044Consort Music for Five ViolsOkeoverTrTrTTBp & s$18.00image
IRCS 19B15th Cent. Anonymous Chansons, Vol. IbAnonymous3ip & s$14.00image
IRCS 2015th Cent. Anonymous Chansons, Vol. IIAnonymous3ip & s$11.50image
G141A Duetto for two Violoncellos, WKO 228, with FacsimileAbelCCp & s $26.00image
MK3332Jesus bleibet meine Freude, Chorale from Cantata BWV 147Bach (Rosin)SATTBBgBcBp & s$23.00image
ED12590Fun and Games with the Recorder, Tutor Book 1, SopranoEngel, Heyens, Hunteler, LindeSs$12.95image
ED12592Fun and Games with the Recorder, Tutor Book 2, for SopranoEngel, Heyens, Hunteler, LindeSs$12.95image
AP 203God Rest You Merry, Gentleman(Davis)AATBp & s$7.95image
AP 210Winter WonderlandBernard and SmithAATBp & s$7.95image
AP 211It's Christmas Time! A Medley of Holiday Favorites(Davis)SATBp & s$7.95image
AP 200They can't take that Away from MeGershwinAATBp & s$7.95image
CC073Balkan Dances(Edgerton)SATBp & s$14.00image
MK3312La GondolettaBeutlerSnSAATB(CB)p & s$34.95image
GSM1022Shannon Duets, Vol. 2 for Soprano ShannonSAs$10.00image
GSM1026Shannon Duets, Vol. 6 for Soprano & BassShannonSBs$10.00image
GSM1025Shannon Duets, Vol. 5 for Alto & TenorShannonATs$10.00image
AP 099Ragtime DanceJoplinSATBp & s$7.95image
AP 052Funiculi FuniculaDenzaSATBp & s$7.95image
AP 191Rag-Alley DreamBurgessSATBp & s$7.95image
AP 190The Smokey Topaz March and Two StepBolenATTBp & s$7.95image
AP 187Eatin' Time RagCozadAATBp & s$7.95image
AP 186The Thriller RagAufterheideSATBp & s$7.95image
EB 5606100 Daily Exercises, The Flutebook of Frederick the GreatFredrick the Great, QuantzFs$27.50image
AP 102Gavotte, Sarabande, and GigueHandel (Davis)SATBp & s$7.95image
AP 176Some of these DaysBrooksAATBp & s$7.95image
EB8740Sonate für Flöte (Violin) und Cembalo, g-moll, BWV 1020Bach, J. S.(?) (Kuijken)F(V)Hp & s$24.95image
ST 9761Advanced Recorder Technique, Volume I, Finger and Tongue TechniqueHeyens/ BowmanAs$19.95image
PT003Ten Bass Hit & The Ten TenorsSeibert10B or 10Tp & s$10.00image
SMM103Prelude & Fugue No. 3ShannonSATBp & s$8.00image
SMM106Peanut Butter Prelude & FugueShannonSATBp & s$8.00image
AP 055We Wish You a Merry Christmas(Davis)SATBp & s$7.95image
VC053CFive-Part Madrigals Apt for Voyals and VoycesWilbye5i, 5vop & s$42.00image
AP 095Dance of the Tumblers from: The Snow MaidenRimsky-KorsakovSATBp & s$7.95image
FTR 176Sonata for Flute and Harpsichord, C majorBenda, F. W.FHp & s$17.00image
SMM120Die Brittlein, sie muss uns lassenShannonSATBp & s$5.00image
LMP 134Six PiecesClarkeS Bcp & s$5.50image
MK 753/754hanky-pankyAutenriethSATB4s$10.00image
F641Mississippi PicturesCareySATBp & s$12.95image
253333537Medieval Instrumental DancesMcGee1-2i(1-2vo)s$29.00image
IRCS 2115th Cent. Anonymous Chansons, Vol. IIIAnonymous3ip & s$15.00image
AP 133Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come HomeCannonAATBp & s$7.95image
AP 131Flapper DaysAnthologyAATBp & s$7.95image
AP 057Dance of the Sugar Plum FairyTchaikowskySATBp & s$7.95image
AP 031Wireless RagShepherdSATBp & s$7.95image
SP 2378Airs of the Emerald Isle(Hettrick)SATBs$5.95image
OFB 10098 Sonatas, Opus 1, Vol. IMatthesonAAAs$17.95image
SP 2358Hands on Recorder, Book 1BurakoffSs$4.00image
SP 2334Baroque Time(Burakoff & Strickland)SS(A)s$3.25image
ANT 83Trio III, Opus 8, C Major, aus Fetes rustiquesNaudotAO(F,V)Bcp & s$16.95image
ANT 138Sonata in d minor for Alto and Two Violins, the same as BP 886ManciniAVV Bcp & s$20.00image
VC016Seven Fantasias for Four ViolsWardTrTrTBp & s$22.00image
VDGS 22Six Sonatas for Unaccompanied Viola da GambaAbelVdgs$6.75image
LMP 38Agnus DeiLottiSATB2s$2.50image
ST 12193Jacobean Masque Tunes(Zweers & Pope)A(S)Gp & s$13.95image
OFB 168Suite(1993)LindeAATBs$23.95image
OFB 10108 Sonatas, Opus 1, Vol. IIMatthesonAAAs$17.95image
M060013898Alpine SuiteBrittenSSAs$17.95image
SP 2356Bach for Three RecordersBach, J. S.SATs$4.95image
SP 2346Irish Airs & Dances(Harrington)SAT(G)s$2.95image
OFB 68Sechs Duette, Op. 1, Vol. 1 Duets 1-3Paisible (Ruf)AA(FF,OO,VV)s$16.95image
OFB 55Six Duets, Vol. 1LoeilletAA(FF,OO,VV)s$16.95image
SP 2345Alto for Two(Burakoff)AAs$3.95image
AM 17948Baroque & Folk(Zeitlin)S(T)s$11.95image
ST 10442The Bird Fancyer's DelightGodmanSns$13.95image
ED 003RThe Recorder Player's CompanionBlakerS(ATB)s$21.00image
DER 1023Basic Recorder Technique, Vol. 2, altoOrrAs$25.00image
DER 1022Basic Recorder Technique, Vol. 2, sopranoOrrSs$25.00image
SP 2365The Sweet Pipes Recorder Book, Vol. 2 soprano(adults)BurakoffSs$8.50image
SP 2318The Sweet Pipes Recorder Book, Vol. 1 alto(adults)BurakoffAs$6.50image
G026Sonata Sesta, La Certa, Op. 10, c dorian or e dorianLegrenziTrT(Tr)TB Bcp & s$23.50n/aOut of stock
G025Sonata Quinta, La Certa, Op. 10, e minor or g minorLegrenziTrT(Tr)TB Bcp & s$24.00n/aOut of stock