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WI1077 sonate per violino e Bc from Fasciculus dulcedinisvan WichelV Bcp & s$16.50image
PA2046 Sonate per violino a Bc, Op. 4, InnsbruckPandolfi MealliV Bcp & s$28.00image
CF 4Pieces en trio, Pour les Flutes, Violon & Dessus de VioleMarais (Hsu)FV Vdgp$50.00image
CF 1Premier Livre de Pieces de ClavecinRameau (Wolf)Hs$15.00image
AOK11The Collected Works for KeyboardDuMont (Lawrence & Cyr)Hs$30.00image
AOK7BSelected Works for Harpsichord in D Major D'Anglebert (Harris)Hs$25.00image
AOK7ASelected Works for Harpsichord in C Major and a MinorD'Anglebert (Harris)Hs$25.00image
AOK3The Collected WorksRichard (Gustafson)Hs$25.00image
PF 299Pieces de Clavecin, Quatrieme LivreCouperinHs$30.00image
PF 298Pieces de Clavecin, Troisieme LivreCouperinHs$30.00image
PF 297Pieces de Clavecin, Second LivreCouperinHs$30.00image
PF 296Pieces de Clavecin, Priemier LivreCouperinHs$30.00image
PF 232Sonatas et Pieces Pour le Clavecin, Livre VIBarriereHs$20.00image
PF 222Pieces de ClavecinLe RouxHs$25.00image
PF 167Troisieme Livre Pieces de ClavecinDandrieuHs$17.50image
PF 166Second Livre Pieces de ClavecinDandrieuHs$20.00image
PF 165Premier Livre Pieces de ClavecinDandrieuHs$22.50image
PF 57Pieces de Clavecin, Livre SecondChambonnieresHs$20.00image
PF 56Pieces de Clavecin, Livre PremierChambonnieresHs$20.00image
PF 421er Livre de Pieces de ClavecinDaquinHs$20.00image
PF 24Pieces de Clavecin, Premier LivreBalbastreHs$17.50image
PF 221er Livre de Pieces de ClavecinClerambaultHs$12.50image
9780190856601Some Other Note, The Lost Songs of English Renaissance ComedyDuffin$49.95image
CF 9Les Pieces de Clavessin, Premier LivreJacquet de la GuerreHs$30.00image
BP 802Six Sonatas for two Alto Recorders, Op. 2FingerAAs$20.00image
ED12709Ventiquattro Capricci per Violino Solo, Opus III, with a detailed introductionLocatelliVp & s$55.95image
ED1262612 Sonatas Opus 6, Volume 1: Sonatas 1-6LocatelliV Bcp & s$38.00image
UC1646 Sonatas Op. 4UccelliniVBcp & s$16.50image
BI1HAHarmonia artificioso-ariosa, Volume I and IIBiber, H.VV Bcp & s$42.00image
PF 49La Gamme, FacsimileMaraisVCBcs$25.00image
ED12773Thistle & Minuet, 16 Easy Pieces from the Scottish Baroque, CD(Johnson)V(F,O) Pfp & s CD$24.95image
CVP 15AAll Things Bright and Beautiful or May Hill, quintet version(Lindvall)SnSATBp & s$5.00image
CVP 15All Things Bright and Beautiful or May Hill, trio version(Lindvall)STB3s$5.00image
BP 985Trietto I und Scherzo I TWV 42:G2, A1TelemannFF (VV) Bcp & s$25.00image
BP 944Six Sonatas for Flute or Oboe and Bc, Op. 3BarsantiF(O) Bcp & s$36.00image
CVP 21Go, Tell It on the Mountain(Lindvall)AAB3s$5.00image
BP 2561Concerto II in C major for soprano recorderBastonSVV Bcp & s$25.00image
ED12957Recorder Sight-Reading 1Kember & BowmanSAs$18.99image
ED12863Tune up the Fiddle, 16 easy to intermediate pieces from 18th cent. Sweden, CD(Barlow)V(F,O) Bc CDp & s CD$24.99image
PF 40Les Nations Sonades; et Suites de Simphonies en TrioCouperinVVC Bcp$45.00image
PF 249Les Goûts-réünis ou Nouveaux Concerts, Le ParnasseCouperinH (V,F Bc)s$27.50image
ST 10494Bach AlbumBach, J. S. (Murrey/ Bergmann)SA Pfp & s$12.95image
ST 11433Wine, Woman and Song arranged by Brian BonsorStrauss (Bonsor)SA Pfp & s$12.95image
ED12861English Airs & Dances 16 Easy to Intermediate Pieces from 18th-century England(Barlow)V(F,O)Pf, Cp & s CD$24.99image
AM948629The Complete Works of Gaspar Sanz, Volumes 1 & 2Sanz (Willard)Gs TAB 2CDS$29.95image
BP 741Sonata in B-dur für Viola und Bc, TWV 41:B3TelemannVa Bcp & s$16.00image
BP 736Sechs Triosonaten für zwei Violinen und Bc, op. post., Vol. I No. 1-3CorelliV(F)V Bcp & s$23.00image
BP 358Triosonate in d-moll, Wq 145Bach, C. P. E.FV Bcp & s$20.00image
M060079504Microjazz for RecorderNortonS Pfp & s$20.00image
BP 2537Sechs Concerti, op. 8/1PepuschAAFF(OOVV)Bcp & s$25.00image
OFB 1723 Sonatas of the German BaroqueBronnemüller, Finger, PetzA(F)Bcp & s$25.00image
OFB 123Simphonies, Three easy duets for Melody InstrumentsChedevilleAAs$17.95image
BP 710The Division Flute, Vol. 1AnthologyA Pfp & s$23.00image
HSUA Handbook of French Baroque Viol TechniqueHsuVdgs$25.00image
330550Sephardic Songs for All(Tasat)vo iGs CD$29.95image
PF 156Pieces de ClavessinRameauHs$20.00image
0198163114Play the ViolCrumTrTBs$68.00image
ANT 82Trio I, Opus 8, C MajorNaudotAO(F,V)Bcp & s$21.99image
330360Mazel Tov!, Music for a Jewish Wedding, Book and CD(Pasternak)V(vo,A,G)s CD$29.95image
ST 10914Il est Ne(Bonsor)SSA Pf percp & s$12.95image
6050Bach for Recorder and GuitarBach, J. S.S(T)Gs$8.99image
OFB 107Sonata, g minor, TWV 42:e8 transposedTelemannAA Bcp & s$18.50image
ST 10699Valerie(1959)BonsorSA Pfp & s$9.99image
ST 5223Leichte Spielmusik fur BlockfloteRoehrSSAs$14.95image
TMR 1Music for Alto Recorder (1961)du BoisAs$7.95image
ST 10442The Bird Fancyer's DelightGodmanSns$13.95image
ST 12216Fifteen Solos by 18th Century Composers(Giesbert)As$9.95image
SIK 31840 Studies for Alto from the Solfeggio of Frederick the GreatAnthologyAs$14.95image
JRM 1The Charlton Method for the Recorder, New PrintingCharltonS/As$36.00image
JACQ1AThe Collected Works for Harpsichord, Part 1Jacquet de la GuerreHs$30.00imageOut of stock
PF 238The Art of Playing on the Violin, Opera IXGeminianiVs$25.00imageOut of stock