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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
MEM 3035Rules for playing in a true Taste Op. VIII, FacsimileGeminianiVFC Bcs$20.00image
BA 490Schule des Generalbass Spiels, German textKellerHarpsichords$31.00image
ED13219Don Quixote Suite, Six movements TWV 55:G10TelemannS Bcp & s$17.95image
ED13592Renaissance Recorder Anthology, Vol. 2, 32 Works, CD, Soprano(Bennetts & Bowman)S Pf CDp & s CD$19.99image
BP 2542Sechs Concerti, op. 8/6PepuschAAFF(OOVV)Bcp & s$25.00n/a
BP 2541Sechs Concerti, op. 8/5PepuschAAFF(OOVV)Bcp & s$25.00n/a
BP 13056 Phantasiestucke Op. 117FuchsVa Pfp & s$23.00n/a
CVP 38O Jesus, King most Wonderful! Early American Hymn Tune(Lindvall)SATBp & s$5.00image
CVP 35Jesus Walked this Lonesome Valley(Lindvall)A Pf, S Pf 4 s$5.00image
BP 889Sonata in F major for 3 alto recorders and bassScarlattiAAA Bcp & s$16.00image
CVP 37Ashokan FarewellUnger (Lindvall)TTB3s$5.00image
BP 713Sonata a tre in c minorScarlatti, A.AA Bcp & s$16.00image
00695113A Modern Approach to Classical Guitar, Book 1/ Audio, 2nd editionDuncanGs$10.99image
CVP 19Infinite Light(Lindvall)(Sn)SATBp & s$5.00image
CVP 30I Love my Love(Lindvall)STBp & s$5.00image
00148815Gabriel's OboeMorriconeA (O) Pfs$6.99image
CVP 16Simple Gifts(Lindvall)SAB3s$5.00image
BP 20786 Sonata Op. 14 for 2 Bassoons or CellosBoismortier2 Bsn (2C)s$23.00image
UE36412Groove Connection, Alto Recorder: Majors scales and arpeggios, with CD, DickbauerAs CD$26.95image
ED12773Thistle & Minuet, 16 Easy Pieces from the Scottish Baroque, CD(Johnson)V(F,O) Pfp & s CD$24.95image
CVP 02AThe Ash Grove, Revised 2014(Lindvall)SAT3s$5.00image
BP 989Five Suites for Alto and Bc, op. 2/3-5HotteterreA Bcp & s$23.00image
BP 988Five Suites for Alto and Bc, op. 2/1-2HotteterreA Bcp & s$23.00image
ST13325Baroque Recorder Anthology, Vol. 4, 23 Works, CD, Alto(Bowman & Heyens)A Pf (G)p & s CD$22.99image
ST13324Baroque Recorder Anthology, Vol. 3, 21 Works, CD, Alto(Bowman & Heyens)A Pf (G)p & s CD$22.99image
ST13135Baroque Recorder Anthology, Vol. 2, 32 Works, CD, Soprano(Bowman & Heyens)S Pf (G)p & s CD$22.99image
BA 8205Octo Tonorum Melodiae, Instrumental VariationsStoltzerSSTTB, AABBB, SATTBp $24.00image
HN 454Trios Hob. IV: 1-4 (London Trios) for two Flutes and VioloncelloHaydnFFC3p$33.95image
M060834387Beachcomber arranged by Stanley TaylorRichardsonSATBp & s$25.00image
ST10655Bass Album, Five tunes for Bass Recorder or Cello with Piano Accompaniment(Bergmann)B(C) Pfp & s$13.95image
MEM 1077ACiconia, Bach, Vivaldi, Finger, Rosenmuller, Maute: Flanders Recorder Quartet(Van Loey, Spanhove)3-4i4p$17.00image
MEM 1077Ciconia, Bach, Vivaldi, Finger, Rosenmuller, Maute: Flanders Recorder Quartet(Van Loey, Spanhove)3-4is$26.00image
MEM 1053Turtle TunesMauteS(T)s$17.00image
ED12861English Airs & Dances 16 Easy to Intermediate Pieces from 18th-century England(Barlow)V(F,O)Pf, Cp & s CD$24.99image
BA 4261Triosonata F-Dur for two Treble Recorders and Basso continuo HWV 405HandelAA Bcp & s$16.00image
TP0150Quartets for Flute, Violin, Viola, and Violincello,KV 285,285a, Anh.171(285b)298MozartFVVaCs$17.00image
BA 4405Quartets for Flute, Violin, Viola, and Violincello,KV 285,285a, Anh.171(285b)298MozartFVVaC4p$24.00image
BP 719Sonata 16 für drei ViolinenFontanaVVV(FFF,OOO) Bcp & s$16.00image
O2466XFoundation Studies for the Violin, Book II, new edition with DVDWohlfahrt (Aiqouni)Vs$16.99image
SP 2352Over the RainbowArlen (Eddleman)SSA(T) Pfp & s$4.75image
NOV120507Eight Traditional Japanese Pieces(Saunders)Ts$15.95image
BOE003557Concerto in B minor, Op. 35 for Violin and PianoRiedingV Pfp & s$9.90image
MR 1075Quintet in F major, Op. 11, No. 3Bach, J. C.FOVVaBcp & s$25.95image
MR 1071Quintet in C major, Op. 11, No. 1Bach, J. C.FOVVaBcp & s$33.95image
BP 2537Sechs Concerti, op. 8/1PepuschAAFF(OOVV)Bcp & s$25.00image
BP 528Sechs Sonaten für Blockflöte und Basso continuo, Vol. IGalliardA(FO)Bcp & s$23.00image
FTR 47Sonate for Flute and Basso continuo, C majorLeclairF Bcp & s$18.99image
4104116644 Original Piano Duets(Eckard)Pfs$19.99image
BP 2400Die kleine Kammermusik, 6 Partiten, TWV 41:B1,41:G2,41:c1,41:g2,41:e1, 41:Es1TelemannS(F,O,V) Bcp & s$25.00image
BA 481Lobet, Christen, Euren HeilandBuxtehudessbVVVdg Bcp & s$12.00n/a
SP 2375The Isle of Gentle Airs(Hettrick)SATBs$5.95image
BP 777Six Duos for Two Alto Recorders, 1752, TWV 40:124-129 transposedTelemannAAs$22.00image
ANT 82Trio I, Opus 8, C MajorNaudotAO(F,V)Bcp & s$21.99image
BA 8080Sonata concertataCastelloSS(TT) Bcp & s$13.50image
HM 136Nine FantasiasMorleyTrTs$18.00image
SP 2335The Christmas Album(Burakoff & Strickland)SS(A)s$2.95image
BP 764Triosonata in C major, No. 14, TWV 42:CA1TelemannAA Bcp & s$16.00image
BP 2510Triosonata in a minor, No. 36, TWV 42:a9TelemannAA Bcp & s$16.00image
UME28006Aria Antigua (1960)RodrigoF Gp & s$9.95image
SP 2341Happy Birthday VariationsClarkSATBs$2.75image
UE 16586Easy Jazzy DuetsBonsorSSs$13.95image
SP 2323Renaissance Time(Burakoff & Strickland)SA(S)s$3.75image
OFB 48Music for a BirdLindeAs$15.99image
BP 706Der Fluyten Lust-hof, Vol. 3EyckSs$25.00image
BP 705Der Fluyten Lust-hof, Vol. 2EyckSs$25.00image
BP 704Der Fluyten Lust-hof, Vol. 1EyckSs$25.00image
ZN950151Three ExercisesBoekeAs$14.95image
BVK1594Trattado de glosos sobre clausulas (2003) Translations, viol partOrtizVdgVp & s$68.00image
HN9454Trios Hob. IV: 1-4 (London Trios) for two Flutes and Violoncello, study scoreHaydnFFCS$17.95imageOut of stock
RL16360La FontegaraGanassiis$26.95imageOut of stock