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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
CVP 41Simple Gifts setting for Recorder OrchestraBrackett (Lindvall)SATBGbCb (Si)p & s$20.00n/a
VC093Fire & Frost, Twenty Madrigals on the Settings of Ardo SiAnthologysattb, TrTrTr(T)TBp & s$50.00image
TR 97Trios Selected from Virginia Harmony, 12 TunesAnthologyTTB (TrTrB)3 s$14.00image
TR 22Der Gott unsers Herrn Jesu Christ, TWV 8:4TelemannSATB Bcp & s$4.50image
TR 15 Prelude and AllegroBach, J. S.ATBp & s$4.75image
TR 12Symphony #4SammartiniATB keyboardp & s$5.25image
ED20182-50Concerto, Easy Concert Pieces, with CD(Heyens)S Pf CDp & s CD$24.99image
ST 7819Easy Recorder Quartets, from Hassler to Bach(Reichelt)SATBs$17.99image
ED13591Renaissance Recorder Anthology, Vol. 1, 32 Works, CD, Soprano(Bennetts & Bowman)S Pf CDp & s CD$19.99image
ED22930Renaissance Recorder Anthology, Vol. 3, 31 Works, CD, Alto(Bennetts & Bowman)A Pf CDp & s CD$19.95image
42237Suzuki Flute School, Vol. 1, International Edition, with CD(Takahashi)Fp CD$19.99image
0571507735European Organ Music of 16th and 17th cent, Vol 3, England 1660-1710(Dalton)Organs$19.95image
057157016XEuropean Organ Music of 16th and 17th cent, Vol 1, England 1510-1590(Dalton)Organs$19.95image
0571505619Consort Sets in Five and Six Parts, Part setLawes (Pinto)TrTrTT(B)B Org7 p$76.25image
0571504809Consort Sets in Five and Six Parts, ScoreLawes (Pinto)TrTrTT(B)B Orgs$60.25image
ST21788Schott Recorder Library, Finest Sonatas for Treble Recorder and BcAnthologyA Bcp & s$28.99image
VC090Fourteen Trios arranged for TrTB, BWV 789, 788, 790, 793, 798, 800, 791Bach, J. S.TrTBp & s$18.00image
CC082Suite No. 2 on Early Carol Tunes and Wassails(Seibert)SATBp & s$20.00image
06-431959The Art of Accompaniment from a Thorough-Bass, Volume IIArnoldH$24.95image
06-431886The Art of Accompaniment from a Thorough-Bass, Volume IArnoldH$24.95image
06210685The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, Vol. I(Fulller Maitland & Squire)Hs$32.95image
0571507743European Organ Music of 16th and 17th cent, Vol 4, Spain & Portugal(Dalton)Organs$19.95image
ST12141-10Complete Consort MusicDowland5is$41.95image
TR 87Christmas Letters, Vol. III, Blessed Be that Maid Marie, Wexford Carol(Ayton)SATB/TrTTBp & s$11.50image
OFB 5Six Easy Duets for 2 Altos, Op. 17, Vol. 1BoismortierAAs$18.95image
ST12141-09Complete Consort Music, LuteDowlandLutep$9.95image
ST12141-08Complete Consort Music, BassDowlandBp$9.95image
ST12141-07Complete Consort Music, Quintus, C clef for stringsDowlandTp$9.95image
ST12141-06Complete Consort Music, QuintusDowlandTp$9.95image
ST12141-05Complete Consort Music, Tenor C clef for stringsDowlandTp$9.95image
ST12141-04Complete Consort Music, TenorDowlandTp$9.95image
ST12141-03Complete Consort Music, Altus, C clef for stringsDowlandTp$9.95image
ST12141-02Complete Consort Music, AltusDowlandA (T)p$9.95image
ST12141-01Complete Consort Music, CantusDowlandS (Tr)p$9.95image
OFB 21942 Duette from Principes de la FluteSchickhardtAAs$23.99image
0571507832European Organ Music of 16th and 17th cent, Vol 13, S. Germany and Austria(Dalton)Organs$19.95image
0571507816European Organ Music of 16th and 17th cent, Vol 11, Netherlands and N. Germany(Dalton)Organs$19.95image
OFB 12648 PreludesHotteterre (Doflein/Delius)As$18.95image
TR 84Psalms for Four voices, Vol. 2, Psalm 121, Psalm 90, Psalm 96 and Psalm 23SweelinckSATB (TrTTB)p & s$10.50image
TR 83Psalms for Four voices, Vol. 1, Psalm 21, Psalm 128, Psalm 75 and Psalm 138SweelinckSATB (TrTTB)p & s$10.50image
VC039CSeven Fantasias and Almaines a6 with Organ, Set of score and part booksPeersonTrTrTTBB Organp & s$50.00image
ST 4469Method for the Treble (Alto) RecorderGiesbertAs$20.95image
00-EL01323Beautiful Music for Two String Instruments, Vol. I Violins(Applebaum)VVs$7.99image
00-EL01326Beautiful Music for Two String Instruments, Vol. IV Violins(Applebaum)VVs$7.99image
TR 66Gastoldi and others, Short Restoration Songs for Three Voices(Nagel)3 vo, TTB, TrTrBs$3.50image
CL015Sonatas for the Viola da Gamba, Vol. III, K 151-152,161,164,176-177,180-184Abel (Houle)BB2s$30.00image
VC067CThe First Set of English Madrigals apt both for Viols & Voyces, Three PartsWard (Brooks)TrTrTp & s$20.00image
VC068CThe First Set of English Madrigals apt both for Viols & Voyces, Four PartsWardTrTrTBp & s$25.00image
VAB 206 Sonatas for 2 Violas, Op. 12, Book 2, Sonatas 4-6LeclairVaVas$20.99image
VAB 196 Sonatas for 2 Violas, Op. 12, Book 1, Sonatas 1-3LeclairVaVas$20.99image
ST 9762Advanced Recorder Technique, Volume II, Breathing and SoundHeyens/ BowmanAs$22.99image
ST 9761Advanced Recorder Technique, Volume I, Finger and Tongue TechniqueHeyens/ BowmanAs$22.99image
CL007Quartet No. 3 for Flute, Violin, Viola da Gamba and CelloAbelFVVdgCp & s$12.00image
06-240525Complete Preludes & EtudesChopinPfs$16.95image
VC021Three-Part Airs, Volume II, Airs in a minor and D majorJenkinsTrTrB Bcp & s$28.00image
OFB 3Sonate a-MollBigagliaS Bcp & s$12.95image
VC029Consort Music for Three ViolsCranfordTrTrB/ TrTBp & s$10.00image
VC057Italian Ricercars and Canzonas for Viols in Four Parts, Vol. 2AnthologyTrTTBp & s$35.00image
M060079504Microjazz for RecorderNortonS Pfp & s$21.50image
06-26176XComplete Lyric Pieces for the PianoGriegPfs$18.95image
00-0649Lyric Preludes in Romantic StyleGillockPfs$7.99image
06-270068The Art of the Fugue & A Musical OfferingBach, J. S.variouss$18.95image
OFB 152Concerto in C Major, Alto and obligates Cembalo TWV 42:A3 transposedTelemannA Hp & s$22.00n/a
210051Music Paper # 7, 9x12 spiral, 32p, 12 staveCarta$4.50n/a
B004Two Sonatas for Two Bass ViolsSchenckBB2p$22.00image
OFB 109Trio, g minor, TWV 42:g9TelemannAV(TrV)Bcp & s$17.95image
ST 11254Trio Sonata in G majorQuantzO(F,V,S,T)C(Bsn) Bcp & s$16.95image
VC035Four Fantasias of Five PartsRavenscroftTrTrTTBp & s$20.00image
VC017Three-Part Airs, Vol. 1, Airs in G major and e minorJenkinsTrTrB Bcp & s$23.00image
VC024Six Fantasias for Six ViolsDeringTrTrTTBBp & s$27.00image
VC027Six Fantasias for Six ViolsCranfordTrTrTTBBp & s$28.00image
VC031Consorts of Five PartsCranfordTrTrTTBp & s$19.00image
VC004Chromatic Hexachord FantasyBullTrT(Tr)BBp & s$10.00image
CC015Eight Canonic DuetsBishopBBp & s$15.00image
00-3381Everybody's Perfect Masterpieces, Vol. 1(Bigler & Lloyd-Watts)Pfs$6.99image
50261570Sonatas for Piano (Urtext) Vol.IIBeethovenPfs$22.99n/a
50261560Sonatas for Piano (Urtext) Vol.IBeethovenPfs$22.99n/a
ST 4874Old Christmas Songs(Lechner/Ruhrmann)A Pfp & s$14.95image
ST 8067Easy Recorder Quartets, from Beethoven to now(Reichelt)SATBs$16.95image
ST 11651Sonata a 3QuantzAAAs$9.95image
CC027Four for ThreeGuess-HansonATBp & s$9.00image
TR 18The Muses, Vol. IIIEastTTB(TrTrB)p & s$7.50image
TR 17The Muses, Vol. IIEastTTB(TrTrB)p & s$7.50image
TR 16The Muses, Vol. IEastTTB(TrTrB)p & s$7.50image
12-0571505066Three FantasiasGibbonsAAs$9.95image
ST 12217A Garland of Melodies(Bramley)As$12.95image
00-HRW395 Dexterity Exercises & Dances for C RecordersRoodaS(T)s$6.95image
ED 003RThe Recorder Player's CompanionBlakerS(ATB)s$21.00image