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SBG02'T Uitnement Kabinet II(Rasch)SS(VV,FF)s$30.00image
SBG01'T Uitnement Kabinet I(Rasch)S(V,F)s$32.00image
Pi1054Sonata a Violino Solo senza BassoPisendelVs$18.00image
G27112 Kasseler Sonaten, No. 9-12, 1 score with realizationHandel (attributed)B Bc3 s$29.00image
G27012 Kasseler Sonaten, No. 5-8, 1 score with realizationHandel (attributed)B Bc3 s$29.00image
G26912 Kasseler Sonaten, No. 1-4, 1 score with realizationHandel (attributed)B Bc3 s$29.00image
G26812 Kasseler Sonaten, No. 9-12, 1 score with realizationHandel (attributed)A Bc3 s$29.00image
G26712 Kasseler Sonaten, No. 5-8, 1 score with realizationHandel (attributed)A Bc3 s$29.00image
G26612 Kasseler Sonaten, No. 1-4, 1 score with realizationHandel (attributed)A Bc3 s$29.00image
ZEL006.1Hipocondrie in A, ZWV187ZelenkaOOBsn,VVVaBcp & s$48.00image
COR001Music in Courtship a la modeCroftVVVaBc (SSABc)p & s$20.00image
OSW001.1Sonata for three violinsOswaldVVV Bcp & s$20.00image
MVB102Traditionelle Musik aus Nepal(Bornmann)S(A,T)s$18.00image
MVB 38Songs for recorder quartet, Vol. 1Comedian Harmonists (Bornmann)SATBp & s$18.00image
DO05896Poemas harmonicos, Music from old Spanish Guitar Methods(Schmitt)Gs$30.00image
GKM 26Sonate a tre in c minor Op. 2/1HandelVV(AA) Gp & s$25.00image
N4538Pastime with Good Company, Music from England(Mandelartz)SAT/SAA/STTs$19.00image
N2859Safari for six wild recorders (modern technique)MeyerSSAATBp & s$20.00image
9781848499867Treble Recorder Sight-reading from 2018, Grades 6-8ABRSMAs$11.95image
9781848499843Treble Recorder Sight-reading from 2018, Grades 1-5ABRSMAs$10.95image
9781848499836Descant Recorder Sight-reading from 2018, Grades 1-5ABRSMSs$10.95image
9781848499133Treble Recorder Scales and Arpeggios from 2018, Grades 6-8ABRSMAs$9.75image
9781848499126Treble Recorder Scales and Arpeggios from 2018, Grades 1-5ABRSMAs$8.25image
9781848499119Descant Recorder Scales and Arpeggios from 2018, Grades 1-5ABRSMS (T)s$8.25image
UE36746TangoGardel (Collatti)AA(T)2s$18.50image
G026Sonata Sesta, La Certa, Op. 10, c dorian or e dorianLegrenziTrT(Tr)TB Bcp & s$23.50image
G025Sonata Quinta, La Certa, Op. 10, e minor or g minorLegrenziTrT(Tr)TB Bcp & s$24.00image
CVP 34O Sacred Head, Now Wounded/ Pange Lingua(Lindvall)SATBp & s$5.00image
BA10844Pieces de clavecin, Premier livre (1713) UrtextCouperinHs$60.00image
G152Puer natus in Bethleham, Heft 2 for three partsPraetorius3i 3vo3s$29.00image
UE36668Groove Connection, Alto Recorder: dorian, mixolydian, pentatonic, with CDDickbauerAs CD$24.50image
EW1011Back to Basics, Ein Technikbuch fur die Traversflote, translated by Katherine SpThomannFs$30.00image
UE 31480Eight Little Three-Part PiecesBach, J. S.SA(T)Bp & s$19.95image
EW 905Upon a Ground, Improvisation on Ostinato Basses from 16th-18th Cent. Erhardt (Machover)s 2CDs$45.00image
CVP 18Shall We Gather at the RiverLowry (Lindvall)ATB3 s$5.00image
00333322Nigun, Anthology of Hasidic Melodies(Pasternak)vos$29.95image
PLMB001Tone Development on the Baroque FluteFriedmanFs$28.00image
CVP 16Simple Gifts(Lindvall)SAB3s$5.00image
EW 455Curiosa and IntradaFingerBBp & s$23.00image
UE36412Groove Connection, Alto Recorder: Majors scales and arpeggios, with CD, DickbauerAs CD$26.95image
ED12773Thistle & Minuet, 16 Easy Pieces from the Scottish Baroque, CD(Johnson)V(F,O) Pfp & s CD$24.95image
HN 676Drei Gambensonaten, Urtext, BWV 1027-1029Bach, J. S.Vdg, Hp & s$32.95image
EW 843Duodena Selectarum Sonatarum, Band II, Sonaten 4-6Schmelzer (Eberhardt)VVBcp & s$25.00image
EW 839Duodena Selectarum Sonatarum, Band I, Sonaten 1-3Schmelzer (Eberhardt)VVBcp & s$22.00image
EW 461Lamento I, Lamento IISchmelzer (Ruhland)VVaVaBOrgan/ VVdgB p & s$26.00image
BER003.2Chiacona, score and Bc partsBertali (Clark)V Bcp & s$20.00image
M060122521Microjazz Collection 2, with CDNortonPfs CD$19.95image
CVP 11Amazing Grace(Lindvall)ATB3s$5.00image
FLA005Concerto for 4 recorders TWV 40:201Telemann4 recp & s$20.00image
CVP 01All Through the Night(Lindvall)SATB4s$5.00image
UE 31474Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer and other Christmas Carols(Rosin and Beutler)SAT(B)Gp & s$18.95image
27083Django Reinhardt AnthologyReinhardtGs$16.99image
BA 5116Three Sonatas and three Partitas for Solo Violin, BWV 1001-1006Bach, J. S.Vs$24.00n/a
00331441The Sephardic Music Anthology(Pasternak)vo (G)s CD$34.95image
UE 11417Rumanian Christmas Carols for Recorder EnsembleBartókSATBp & s$23.95image
O2469170 Foundation Studies for Violoncello, Vol. ISchroederCs$19.99image
BA 2972Twelve Fantasias for Violin without Bass, TWV40:14-25TelemannVs$15.00image
DO 092Cuban Landscape with RainBrouwerGGGGp & s$18.00image
GKM 9Sonata F major, Op.1/11HändelAGp & s$19.00image
BA 5118Six Sonatas for Violin, Vol. I, BWV 1014-1016Bach, J. S.V Bcp & s$33.00n/a
51102243The Art of Diminution in the 16th and 17th cent., Vol. 1MatharelS(A)s$43.95image
DO4 420Happy Music IIFortinSA(S) percs$14.00image
UE 13302Sonatae Unarum Fidium, Band IISchmelzerV Bcp & s$25.95image
UE 13301Sonatae Unarum Fidium, Band ISchmelzerV Bcp & s$29.95image
UE 30485Puttin' On the Ritz and Ice Cream(Brunner)SATBp & s$18.95image
HM 81Galant DuosChedevilleSSs$24.00image
UE 30458Little Drummer Boy, Hallelujah!(Brunner)SATBp & s$16.95image
DO4 450Flautes de los Andes(Schwertberger)SS(TT)G2s$22.00image
UE 30210Ciaconna in G minorVitaliA(V)Bcp & s$17.95image
UE 18828Jazzy Recorder 1Russell-SmithS Pfp & s$16.95image
UE 19364Jazzy Recorder 2BonsorS Pfp & s$19.00image
ST 5098Sinfonien und GaillardenRossi5ip & s$20.95image
UE 30372Waiting for a BusRoseSAATBp & s$19.95image
ST 4096Sinfonien und GaillardenRossi4is$12.95image
UE 30487Chattanooga Choo Choo and Moonlight Serenade(Brunner)SATBp & s$16.95image
AM 36534Irish Music for Recorder(De Smet)S(T,vo)s$12.95image
ST 11221The Bass RecorderHuntBs$12.95image
BVK1594Trattado de glosos sobre clausulas (2003) Translations, viol partOrtizVdgVp & s$68.00image
DO4 433Fourteen PiecesFortinS/As$16.50image