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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
95984BCDBrazilian Reflections(Almeida)vo Gs CD$19.95image
49100474On a Sunday Afternoon and Other American Popular Songs(Aron)vo Gs$29.95image
AM 31402Songs and Dances of Ireland(Lavender)S(T,vo)s$14.95image
OMB 93Traditional Folksongs and Ballads of Scotland, Vol. I, 40 songs(Loesberg)vo Gs$9.95image
OMB 94Traditional Folksongs and Ballads of Scotland, Vol. II, 40 songs(Loesberg)vo Gs$9.95image
DTMO-7AItalian Songs with guitar from the age of Napoleon, Vol. I(McCormick)vo Gs$32.95image
DTMO-7BItalian Songs with guitar from the age of Napoleon, Vol. II(McCormick)vo Gs$29.95image
CO 141Greensleeves(Papas)G(Gvo)s$3.50image
00333322Nigun, Anthology of Hasidic Melodies(Pasternak)vos$29.95image
00331441The Sephardic Music Anthology(Pasternak)vo (G)s CD$34.95image
MK701316 polnische Volkslieder(Stingl)vo Gs$15.00image
330550Sephardic Songs for All(Tasat)vo iGs CD$29.95image
AM 31428Songs and Dances of England(Thomson)S(T,vo)s$14.95image
AM 31410Songs and Dances of Scotland(Thomson)S(T,vo)s$14.95image
CMP 152Five Songs from the GlobeAnthologyvoGGGp & s$10.50image
CMP 1667 Goethe Songs, Settings of poems by GoetheAnthology (Gammie)vo G2s$13.50image
DTMO-10Early Romantic Lieder with GuitarAnthology (McCormick)vo Gs$29.95image
EB 2079EpigramsBiberianvo Gs$5.00image
MI 14Airs de Cour avec la Tablature de Luth, facsimileBoessetvo Ls TAB$34.00image
DTMO-9Shuvi, Shuvi Hashulamit, Song of Songs, chapter VIIBogdanovicvo Gs$8.95image
9.1305First Book of AyresCampionvo L Bcs$33.00image
PF 106Two Books of Ayres, The First, The SecondCampion2-4vo Ls$20.00image
PF 107Two Books of Ayres, The Third, The FourthCampionvo Ls$17.50image
9.1309Funeral Teares, Songs of Mourning, The Masque of SquiresCoprario2vo L (Bc)s$31.50image
PF 195A Pilgrimes Solace, facsimileDowland3-5vo Ls$20.00image
9.1301The First Book of AyresDowlandvo L Bcs$30.00image
PF 127The First Booke of Songs or Ayres, facsimileDowland4vo Ls$20.00image
PF 128The Second Booke of Songs or Ayres, facsimileDowland2-5vo Ls$20.00image
CO 320Hark, Hark the Ark!Duartevo G2s$12.95image
993265Nigun AnthologyEglash & Dunnvo Gs CD$34.95image
UMG 18984Tus Ojillos Negros, Cancion AndaluzaFalla (Azpiazu)vo Gs$5.95image
EICM-21Under Milk Wood Variations for guitar quartet and narratorGossGGGG vop & s$29.95image
OMB 117Ballads from the Pubs of Ireland, Vol. 2Healyvo(G,Pf)s$8.95image
OMB 118Ballads from the Pubs of Ireland, Vol. 3Healyvo(G,Pf)s$8.95image
CMP 162German Songs with accompaniment of Guitar and Flute, Book 1Jusdorf, Streitwolf, Abeillevo GFp & s$14.00image
14140018Outdoor ShadowsLeisnervo Gs$7.50image
98549BCDSinging in Irish GaelicMcLaughlinvos, CD$17.99image
CMP 170The Guitar Songs of Tom Moore, Book I, 10 songsMoorevo Gp & s$17.25image
CMP 171The Guitar Songs of Tom Moore, Book 2, 9 song by the famous Irish poetMoore (Gammie)vo G2s$13.75image
9.1313The First Book of AyresMorleyvo L Bcs$32.75image
PF 95First Booke of Songs or Ayres of 4 partsPilkingtonsatb Ls$20.00image
ST 12378VillancicosRodrigovoGs$10.95image
49402040Tango AngelitaRomero, C.vo Gs$5.50image
9.1315A Book of Ayres (1601)Rossetervo L (Bc)s$30.90image
CMP 163German Songs with accompaniment of Guitar and Flute, Book 2Streitwolfvo GFp & s$15.00image
ME 8184ModinhaVilla-Lobosvo Gs$10.00image
OS10480The Irish Woman's Songbook(Boyle)vos$7.95n/aOut of stock
SFVPA01BThe Sephardic-Oriental Songbook(Pasternak)vo Gs$19.95n/aOut of stock
OS00096The Scottish Songs of Robert Burns, 40 complete songsBurnsvo Gs$9.95n/aOut of stock
PF 129The Third and Last Booke of Songs or Ayres, facsimileDowland2-5vo Ls$20.00n/aOut of stock
OS 116Ballads from the Pubs of Ireland, Vol. 1Healyvo(G,Pf)s$8.95n/aOut of stock
49100418Five Songs of DevotionLeisnervo Gs$15.95n/aOut of stock