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296040My Music Journal, one year practice planner, dictionary, staff paperb$3.95image
GP 27Music Flashcards, 72 cards(Bastien)$3.95n/a
00-1206189 Color - Coded Flash CardsAnon$4.95image
00240885The Source, The dictionary of Contemporary and Traditional ScalesBartais$18.99image
AM 931360Theory & Harmony for the Contemporary MusicianBerle$17.95image
4S0AFour Star Sight Reading and Ear Tests, Prep A, 2015 EditionBerlin & Markow$16.95image
4S01Four Star Sight Reading and Ear Tests, Book 1, 2015 EditionBerlin & Markow$15.95image
4S03Four Star Sight Reading and Ear Tests, Book 3, 2015 EditionBerlin & Markow$17.95image
4S04Four Star Sight Reading and Ear Tests, Book 4, 2015 EditionBerlin & Markow$17.95image
4S5Four Star Sight Reading and Ear Tests, Book 5Berlin & Markow$13.25image
4S06Four Star Sight Reading and Ear Tests, Book 6, 2015 EditionBerlin & Markow$18.95image
4S7Four Star Sight Reading and Ear Tests, Book 7Berlin & Markow$14.25image
4S8Four Star Sight Reading and Ear Tests, Book 8Berlin & Markow$14.25image
4S09Four Star Sight Reading and Ear Tests, Book 9, 2015 EditionBerlin & Markow$24.95image
4S10Four Star Sight Reading and Ear Tests, Book 10Berlin & Markow$14.95image
AM11201The Jazz Theory WorkbookBoling (Coker)s$24.00image
93790Theory & Harmony for EveryoneBye$8.95image
L21Standard of Excellence, Book 1, Music Theory & History WorkbookElledge, Yarbrough, & Pearson$6.50image
L22Standard of Excellence, Book 2, Music Theory & History WorkbookElledge, Yarbrough, & Pearson$5.95image
L23Standard of Excellence, Book 3, Music Theory & History WorkbookElledge, Yarbrough, & Pearson$6.95image
00-1998Practical Theory, CompleteFeldstein$12.95image
UE 32347Rhythm Coach, Level one, Rhythn workouts for instrumentalists, singers, dancersFilzbook CD$15.95image
FXS6080Odd Meter Etudes for all instruments in Treble ClefGatesS, F, V, O, Ts$6.95image
ST11331Elementary training for MusiciansHindemith$22.95image
PP335The Logical Approach to Rhythmic Notation, Vol. 1Perkins$16.95image
PP336The Logical Approach to Rhythmic Notation, Vol. 2Perkins$16.95image
L173Master Theory, Book 1, Beginning Theory WorkbookPeters & Yoder$4.50image
L174Master Theory, Book 2, IntermediateTheory WorkbookPeters & Yoder$4.95image
L175Master Theory, Book 3, AdvancedTheory WorkbookPeters & Yoder$4.95image
L179Master Theory, Book 4, Elementary Harmony & Arranging WorkbookPeters & Yoder$4.95image
L181Master Theory, Book 5, Intermediate Harmony & Arranging WorkbookPeters & Yoder$4.95image
L185Master Theory, Book 6, Advanced Harmony & Arranging WorkbookPeters & Yoder$4.95image
890348007Theory Time Workbook Primer Level, Theory FundamentalsRathnau$8.95image
890348014Theory Time Workbook Grade 1, Theory FundamentalsRathnau$8.95image
890348021Theory Time Workbook Grade 2, Theory FundamentalsRathnau$8.95image
890348038Theory Time Workbook Grade 3, Theory FundamentalsRathnau$8.95image
890348045Theory Time Workbook Grade 4, Theory FundamentalsRathnau$8.95image
890348052Theory Time Workbook Grade 5, Early IntermediateRathnau$8.95image
890348069Theory Time Workbook Grade 6, IntermediateRathnau$8.95image
890348076Theory Time Workbook Grade 7, IntermediateRathnau$8.95image
890348083Theory Time Workbook Grade 8, IntermediateRathnau$8.95image
123900Basic Rhythmic TrainingStarer$8.95image
00120475Rhythmic TrainingStarer$9.99image
00-17231Essentials of Music Theory, Book 1Surmani, Farnum, Manus$6.99image
00-17232Essentials of Music Theory, Book 2Surmani, Farnum, Manus$6.50image
00-17233Essentials of Music Theory, Book 3Surmani, Farnum, Manus$6.50image
00-17234Essentials of Music Theory, CompleteSurmani, Farnum, Manus$12.50image
00-18583Essentials of Music Theory, Complete, Viola/ Alto ClefSurmani, Farnum, Manus$19.95image
4S02Four Star Sight Reading and Ear Tests, Book 2, 2015 EditionBerlin & Markow$15.95imageOut of stock
GT4The Keyboard Grimoire, Complete Guide for the Guitarist and KeyboardistKadmonPf, Gs$24.95n/aOut of stock
0975466704Rhythm, What It is and How to Improve Your Sense of ItLewisbook$23.95imageOut of stock
50448000Jazz Composition, Theory and PracticePeasebook & CD$39.95n/aOut of stock