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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
BARDELBaroque Delights(Asni)Harp vos$20.00image
MEDTUNMedieval Tunebook(Asni)Harp vos$20.00image
00720519Yuletide Treasure, Celtic & English Music for Winter Celebration, Solos and Duet(Friou & Lane)Harps$19.95image
722255Ballads and Court Dances of the 16th and 17th Cent.(Friou)Harp/HarpHarps$17.95image
720518Early Music for the Harp(Friou)Harps$19.95image
TR00802The Lothian Collection, 25 Tunes(Kinnaird)Harps$11.95image
TR00810The North-East Collection, 25 Tunes from the Great Houses(Kinnaird)Harps$11.95image
96324Music for the Heather Folk, 28 Celtic Harp Solos(Richards)Harps$12.95image
95346Arranging for Folk Harp(Robertson)Harps$12.99image
95345Celtic Harp Solos(Robertson)Harps$17.95image
99262Scottish Ballads and Aires for Celtic Harp(Robertson)Harps$14.99image
97226Treasures of the Celtic Harp(Robertson)Harps$16.99image
00-0290SSuzuki Harp School, Vol. 1(Waddington)Harps$6.95image
00-0287Suzuki Harp School, Vol. 1, CD(Waddington)HarpCD$15.95image
72059050 Christmas Carols for All Harps(Woods)Harps$19.95image
660220Chanukah Music for All Harps(Woods)Harps$9.95image
00720900Hymns and Wedding Music for all Harps(Woods)Harps$19.95image
722140Songs of the Harp, 20 Songs(Woods)Harp vos$10.95image
HA 9619Marelles, Cahier I, 12 little pieces for Harp or Celtic HarpAndresHs$18.95image
721096Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, various arrangementsBach, J. S. (Woods)HarpFvos$8.95image
MAG247Recueil pour la Harpe a Crochets for Pedal or Lever HarpBackofen (Pasetti)Harps$29.00image
HUETEDAN1Baroque Dances, Vol. IHuete (Asni)Hs$25.00image
HUETEDAN2Baroque Dances, Vol. IIHuete (Asni)Hs$25.00image
HUETEDAN3Baroque Dances, Vol. IIIHuete (Asni)Hs$25.00image
HUETEPasacalles for HarpHuete (Asni)Harps$25.00image
72064040 O'Carolan Tunes for All HarpsO'Carolan (Woods)Harps$19.95image
TR00811Tree of Strings, a history of the harp in ScotlandSanger & KinnairdHarps$22.50image
96481Christmas Eve, 16 Solos for Celtic HarpStaneslowHs$17.99image
22199Harp Song, The Golden Thread, for Folk HarpUmbargerHarps$19.99image
21892Medieval and Renaissance Music for Folk HarpZaerrHarps$19.99image
TR00808The Harp Key(Kinnaird)Harp/Harp,V,tpipe,Vas$12.95n/aOut of stock
OS10355The Celtic Harp(Loesberg)Harps$12.95n/aOut of stock
TT 10016Scottish Harp, About Time Too!(Stewart)Harps$12.95n/aOut of stock
PAN 426Music for Celtic Harp(Wuthier)Harps$20.00n/aOut of stock
720360Pachelbel's CanonPachelbel (Woods)Harp/2Harp/HarpF(V)s$8.95n/aOut of stock
RIBAYAZLuz y Norte MusicalRibayaz (Asni)Harps$25.00imageOut of stock