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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
M852How to Accompany by Ear(Block)Gs$1.50image
A184Accompanying Irish Music on Guitar(Kilkelly)GTAB$13.95image
AM 75797The Complete Guitar Player Songbook(Shipton)Gvos$24.95image
AM 26691The Complete Guitar Player, Omnibus Edition(Shipton)Gs$24.95image
1898466564RGT: Electric Guitar Playing, Grade 6(Skinner)eGs$10.95image
1898466572RGT: Electric Guitar Playing, Grade 7(Skinner)eGs$12.95image
1898466580RGT: Electric Guitar Playing, Grade 8(Skinner)eGs$14.95image
1898466343RGT: Improvising Lead Guitar, Total Beginner Level(Skinner)eGs CD$12.50image
1898466351RGT: Improvising Lead Guitar, Beginner Plus Level(Skinner)eGs CD$14.95image
189846636XRGT: Improvising Lead Guitar, Improver Level(Skinner)eGs CD$16.50image
1898466378RGT: Improvising Lead Guitar, Intermediate Level(Skinner)eGs CD$17.50image
1898466386RGT: Improvising Lead Guitar, Advanced Level(Skinner)eGs CD$17.95image
00-17879Jerry Snyder's Guitar School, Method, Book 1(Snyder)Gs$9.99image
00-18496Jerry Snyder's Guitar School, Method, Book 2(Snyder)Gs$11.95image
00-18474Jerry Snyder's Guitar School, Teachers Guide, Book 1, CD(Snyder)Gs CD$24.95image
00-18499Jerry Snyder's Guitar School, Teachers Guide, Book 2, CD(Snyder)Gs CD$17.95image
93200ESETModern Guitar Method, Grade 1, Expanded EditionBayGs CD DVD$19.95image
97121CDMastering the Guitar, Class Method, Level 1, CDBay & ChristiansenG, CDs$19.95image
99618Mastering the Guitar, Class Method, Level 2Bay & ChristiansenGs$16.99image
96620BCDMastering the Guitar, 1ABay & ChristiansenGs$22.95image
96621BCDMastering the Guitar, 1BBay & ChristiansenGs$24.95image
97195BCDMastering the Guitar, 2ABay & ChristiansenGs$24.95image
97196BCDMastering the Guitar, 2BBay & ChristiansenGs$24.95image
97197BCDMastering the Guitar, 2CBay & ChristiansenGs$24.95image
96622Mastering the Guitar, Technique StudiesBay & ChristiansenGs$9.95image
695188Rhythm Guitar, The Complete GuideBuckingham & PascalGs$16.95image
00-21926Girl's Guitar Method 1CiravoloGs CD$14.95image
EL03845Guitar Theory 1Feldstein, StangGs$5.95image
EL03846Guitar Theory 2Feldstein, StangGs$5.95image
GT210The Art of Rhythm GuitarGagnonGs CD$19.95n/a
695190Guitar Soloing, The Contemporary Guide to ImprovisationGilbert & MarlisGs & CD$17.95image
G1017FJH Young Beginner Guitar Method, Theory Activity Bk. 1Gröeber, Hoge, Welch, & SanchezGs$5.50image
G1019Exploring Chords, Book 1Gröeber, Hoge, Welch, SanchezGs$4.95image
G1016CDLesson Book 1Gröeber, Hoge, Welch, SanchezGs CD$14.95image
00118186The Guitar Grimoire, Chord Scale CompatibilityKadmonGs$14.99image
50449404A Modern Method for Guitar, Vol. 1LeavittGs CD$22.95image
50449410A Modern Method for Guitar, Vol. 2LeavittGs$12.95image
00865010Essential Elements for Guitar, Book 2, CDMorrisGs CD$17.99image
94329Guitar Workbook, Learning Guitar Fingerboard TheoryPhelpsGs$9.95image
EL03843CDGuitar Method, Book 2StangGs CD TAB$14.95image
EL03844Guitar Method, Book 3StangGs TAB$5.95image
1898466149RGT: Rhythm Guitar Playing, Book 1(Hart)eGs TAB$9.95imageOut of stock
1898466157RGT: Rhythm Guitar Playing, Book 2(Hart)eGs TAB$11.50imageOut of stock
1898466165RGT: Rhythm Guitar Playing, Book 3(Hart)eGs TAB$12.95imageOut of stock
GE24Folk Guitar, Level 6(Nance and Godla)Gs TAB$1.50n/aOut of stock
1898466505RGT: Electric Guitar Playing, Preliminary Grade(Skinner)eGs$7.50imageOut of stock
1898466513RGT: Electric Guitar Playing, Grade 1(Skinner)eGs$7.95imageOut of stock
1898466521RGT: Electric Guitar Playing, Grade 2(Skinner)eGs$8.50imageOut of stock
189846653XRGT: Electric Guitar Playing, Grade 3(Skinner)eGs$8.95imageOut of stock
1898466548RGT: Electric Guitar Playing, Grade 4(Skinner)eGs$9.50imageOut of stock
1898466556RGT: Electric Guitar Playing, Grade 5(Skinner)eGs$9.95imageOut of stock
56402821L'atelier guitare(s), acoustique, vol. 2Banderier & BordonneauGs CD$46.95n/aOut of stock
97121Mastering the Guitar, Class Method, Level 1Bay & ChristiansenGs$9.95imageOut of stock
93200EPSETMel Bay's Modern Guitar Method, Grade 1, Expanded EditionBay, M. and Bay, W.Gs CD, DVD$19.99imageOut of stock
93201BCDMel Bay's Modern Guitar Method, Grade 2, 2 CDsBay, M. and Bay, W.Gs 2CD$19.99imageOut of stock
93202BCDMel Bay's Modern Guitar Method, Grade 3, CDBay, M. and Bay, W.Gs CD$17.99imageOut of stock
20364DPPlaying in the GrooveChristiansenGs TAB DVD$9.95imageOut of stock
20366DPQuartal Harmony: Modern Jazz Comping & VoicingsChristiansenGs TAB DVD$9.95imageOut of stock
99378BCDPower Tools for Five- String BassCockfieldbGs TAB CD$19.95imageOut of stock
NYC3Guitar for Near Beginners, New York City Guitar SchoolEmeryGs$14.99n/aOut of stock
50333920Fretboard Theory and TechniqueFox & WeissmanG$9.95n/aOut of stock
GT13Guitar Grimoire, Chord EncyclopediaKadmonGs$28.95n/aOut of stock
GT2Guitar Grimoire, Chords and VoicingsKadmonGs$24.95n/aOut of stock
DVD3Guitar Grimoire, Chords/ Voicing, DVDKadmonGDVD$19.95n/aOut of stock
GT100Guitar Grimoire, Exercise BookKadmonGs$29.95n/aOut of stock
GT15Guitar Grimoire, Progressions and ImprovisationKadmonGs$29.95n/aOut of stock
DVD4Guitar Grimoire, Progressions and Improvisations, DVDKadmonGDVD$19.95n/aOut of stock
GT1Guitar Grimoire, Scales & ModesKadmonGs$24.95n/aOut of stock
DVD2Guitar Grimoire, Scales and Modes, DVDKadmonGDVD$19.95n/aOut of stock
GT3Guitar Grimoire, The Bass GrimoireKadmonbGs$23.99n/aOut of stock
00696375The Guitar Grimoire, Beginning Guitar, with 2 DVDsKadmonG s 2DVDs$17.99n/aOut of stock
GT211Rock Guitarist's Guide to Chords in ColorLugo & ClarkGs$29.99n/aOut of stock
GT212Rock Guitarist's Guide to Scales in ColorLugo & ClarkGs$29.99n/aOut of stock
00120873Essential Elements for Guitar, Book 2MorrisGs$10.99n/aOut of stock
99564Beginning Guitar, Mastering the KeysPetersenGs TAB$9.95imageOut of stock
00001173Essential Elements for Guitar, Book 1Schmid Gs$9.99n/aOut of stock
00865000Essential Elements for Guitar, 96 Flash Cards for Beginning GuitarSchmid & MorrisG$7.95n/aOut of stock
00862639Essential Elements for Guitar, Comprehensive Guitar MethodSchmid & MorrisGs CD$17.95n/aOut of stock
93669Complete Johnny Smith Approach to GuitarSmitheGs$22.95imageOut of stock