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ADG041Renaissance Music for Flute and Guitar with CD(Alexander & Walsh)F Gp & s CD$25.95image
ADG054Ancient Airs, Cantigas & Dances for Flute & Guitar(Alexander)FGp&s TAB CD$25.95image
EA00575Il est né, le Divin Enfant(Beaser)FGp & s$8.95image
AM 41773Guitar & Flute Duets(Draper)F(S,A)Gp & s$19.95image
ED 7908Da Capo!, Encore! Zugabe!(Graf, Ragossnig)FGp & s$19.95image
52407582Flauto e Chitarra in Concerto(Griminelli, Verrini)FGp & s$28.95image
AC72696Flute & Guitar, Duets for Any Occasion(Hanson)FGs CD TAB$19.95image
02500763The Most Beautiful Classical Melodies for Flute and Guitar(Keller, O'Brien, & Jacobson)FGp & s TAB$14.95image
20138The Joy of Flute & Guitar(Marlow)FGs$10.95image
11441654La Serenata, Italian Serenades and Love Songs(Robison & Hand)FGs$22.99image
3611589Classical favourites for flute & guitar(Sands & Zaradin)FGp & s$9.95image
52406500Tunes and Dances from South AmericaArriagada (Maldonado)F Bcp & s$25.95image
11441364Arioso from Cantata No. 156 (BWV 156) and Harpsichord Concerto (BWV 1056)Bach, J. S. (Schocker)F Gp & s$9.95image
49402337CelestialsBaksaFGp & s$18.50image
49401662CapriceCharltonFGp & s$8.00image
DO 043Sonnets for flute and guitarChobanianFGs$10.00image
ME 81121Music à Deux, I OndeConstantFGs$19.00image
ME 81122Music à Deux, II CantilèneConstantFGs$14.50image
ME 81123Music à Deux, III ContrastesConstantFGs$15.00image
ECH790Homenaja a un Carrero PatagonicoCoronelFGp $19.99image
BVP 1010Danse Joyeuse, Opus 42DuarteFGs$6.00image
N4082Six Duets from Op. 37FürstenauFGs$7.00image
EM53103 Diferencias für Flöte und GitarreHeynFGs$8.95image
55400520Deux AriasKleynjansFGs$10.95image
62058-781Da Chara (Two Friends)KrouseFGp & s$17.95image
N4116Two Serenades, C major, Op. 49; D major, Op. 20KüffnerFGp & s$9.95image
52402780Sonata in La mineurLoeillet, J. B.FGp & s$16.95image
49401976Progresiones para PaulineMerlinFGp & s$10.00image
CMP 155Tres ImágenesMontesFGp & s$6.00image
UE 16736Sonata A major (after K 331/332) for flute and guitarMozart (Traeg)FGp & s$19.95image
11440805Cavatina from The Deer HunterMyersFGp & s$5.00image
GSP 115Inside PassagePattersonFGp & s$8.00image
26167HLSuite Buenos Aires pour Flûte et GuitarePujol, M.FGp & s$28.00image
11441409Amazing Grace, Eight Songs of the SpiritRobinson and HandFGs$16.99image
UME28006Aria Antigua (1960)RodrigoF Gp & s$9.95image
GE 102Sonatina de PrimaveraRossFGp & s$10.00image
EICM 29Segunda y Tercera Crónicas del DescubrimientoSierraFGp & s$16.00image
49402027Just for FriendsSkingerFGp & s$7.50image
EM5314Sonatina for Flute and GuitarSoewandiFGp & s$9.95image
49402029Joy!StewartFGp & s$8.95image
ME 7178Distribution of FlowersVilla-LobosFGs$10.95image
ADG035Celtic Music for Flute and Guitar(Alexander, Walsh)FGp TAB CD$22.95n/aOut of stock
95656BCDChristmas Carols for Flute & Guitar(Gendron)FGs$22.95imageOut of stock
99441Music for Flute and Guitar(Patykula & Mullen, III)FGs$8.95imageOut of stock
EM5312LibertangoPiazzollaFG2s$9.95imageOut of stock
GA 489Serenata al Alba del DiaRodrigoF(V)Gp & s$12.95n/aOut of stock
49402026Prelude for Guitar and FluteRupertFGp & s$5.95imageOut of stock