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MK 69Duets by Old Masters(Baum, Hechler)SAs$5.00image
DOL 109The Duo Collection, Vol. 1(Bernstein)AAs$14.00image
MM 20Ho Boys, Ho, Duets based on American Sailing Songs(Bixler)SAs$3.00image
UHS 0615 Sacred two-part Compostions(Bornstein)SAs$17.00image
UHS 037 Roman duets of the 17th Century(Bornstein)AAs$16.00image
N2461Vom Mittelalter bis sur Gegenwart (From Medieval to Modern)(Braun & Fischer)AAs$24.50image
11.116Duettspielbuch for Alto, New music for recorders(Braun)AAs$12.50image
N277212 Hungarian Folksongs (Ungarische Volkslieder)(Brook)SAs$7.95image
SP 2353Medieval to Modern Musical Cameos(Buckton)SAs$4.50image
SP 230310 Songs and Dances(Burakoff & Strickland)SAs$4.50image
SP 2334Baroque Time(Burakoff & Strickland)SS(A)s$4.00image
SP 2304Music of Three Centuries(Burakoff & Strickland)SAs$2.00image
SP 2323Renaissance Time(Burakoff & Strickland)SA(S)s$3.75image
CM 1002The Duet Recorder for Soprano Recorders, Book 1(Burakoff & Strickland)SS (G, perc)s$5.95image
SP 2345Alto for Two(Burakoff)AAs$3.95image
SP 2309Duet Time, Book One(Burakoff)SS percs$3.25image
SP 2322Duet Time, Book Two(Burakoff)SS percs$3.50image
SP 2326Duets for Alto Recorder, Ten Folk Songs(Burakoff)AAs$2.00image
SP 2347Equally Easy(Burakoff)AAs$4.95image
DER 1711Medieval Duets(Coles)SA(S)s$14.00image
MSM069Duets for Bass Recorders, Vol. 1, Morley and Lassus (Connelly)BBs$25.00image
MSM070Duets for Bass Recorders, Vol. 2, Lassus, Anon, Gibbons and Morley(Connelly)BBs$25.00image
Z14276Baroque Dances for two Altos, 89 dances(Czidra)AAs$28.45image
Z14283Baroque Dances for two Sopranos, 89 dances(Czidra)SSs$28.45image
MK1100Villancicos de diversos Autores from Cancionero de Upsala(Daniels)AAs$18.00image
DER 1017Easy Duets for Soprano and Alto(Duschenes)SAs$12.00image
SP 2384Canciones de las Tierras Españolas(Eddleman)SS(A G perc)s$4.95image
MK 527/528Italian Duets I(Ewerhart)SAs$7.75image
MK 673Italian Duets, ca. 1730(Ewerhart)AAs$5.00image
ST 2438Barocke Spielstücke, Heft 2(Giesbert)SSs$15.99image
PP 61Duets for Basses(Goldstein)BB2s$15.50image
MK 349Folk Tunes and Dances from Brazil(Graetzer)SA percs$5.50image
MM 19Western Folk Songs(Gruskin)SAs$1.00image
CM 1034Three Thirteenth-Century Dances(Hedrick)SA (TB)s$4.00image
N4444Handel & Co., Famous Melodies from the Baroque for 2 Sopranos(Heger)SSs$13.00image
N4555Handel & Co., Famous Melodies from the Baroque for Soprano and Alto(Heger)SAs$13.00image
N4535Greensleeves, Irische, schottische und englische Folklore(Heilig & Heger)ATs$16.50image
ST 4369The Flourshing Baroque Period, 30 Duets(Hillemann)AAs$14.95image
ED21550Altblockfloten Duet Book(Hintermeier & Baude)AAs$28.99image
Z14376French Baroque Duets for two treble recorders(Janos)AAs$20.45image
UE 17115Duets for Treble Recorders, French Baroque Music, Chédeville, Naudot, Blavet(Kitamika)AAs$25.50image
UE 17116Duets for Treble Recorders, From Works by J. S. Bach(Kitamika)AAs$22.95image
UE 17117Duets for Treble Recorders, Music of the Renaissance(Kitamika)AAs$24.95image
ST21787Schott Recorder Library, The finest Sonatas & Suites for 2 alto recorders(Kretschmann)AAs$29.99image
N3455Folklore aus Brasilien for 2 Altos(Lewitus)AAs$17.00image
N3453Folklore aus Brasilien for 2 Sopranos(Lewitus)SSs$9.75image
N3454Folklore aus Brasilien for Soprano and Alto(Lewitus)SAs$13.00image
N3717Wir spielen Duette, Series A, Vol. 1(Lutz)AAs$22.25image
N3718Wir spielen Duette, Series A, Vol. 2(Lutz)AAs$22.25image
N3719Wir spielen Duette, Series A, Vol. 3(Lutz)AAs$22.25image
N3720Wir spielen Duette, Series A, Vol. 4(Lutz)AAs$22.25image
GH 9933English Children's Songs(Mach)SS(AA)s$3.00image
ED 9576-01Classical Hits for Descant Recorder, with 2nd part and CD(Magolt/Butz)SS CDs CD$20.99image
MHE 40311Ann's Choice, Volume 4(Marshall, A.)SA2s$7.00image
RFS 3422 Bicinia on German Folksongs(Neuberger)SAs$5.00image
RCE 29Villancicos, Spanish Songs(Owen)SA(TB)s$3.50image
CH61297Descant & Treble Recorder Duets from the Beginning(Pitts)SAs$9.95image
CH61213Recorder Duets from the Beginning, Book 1(Pitts)SSs$7.95image
CH61214Recorder Duets from the Beginning, Book 2(Pitts)SSs$7.95image
CH61215Recorder Duets from the Beginning, Book 3(Pitts)SSs$7.95image
MK 694Spirituals(Sanders)SAs$4.00image
52400906Duos pour flutes à bec, sopranos(Sanvoisin)SSs$15.00image
ECS2034Finnish Folk-Songs for Soprano and Alto Recorders(Stocker)SA(T)s$5.55image
BP 522Suite für Zwei Blockflöten in FAeschbacherAAs$11.00image
LMP 216Four Duos from Codex MontpellierAnon (Loux)2 vo (TT, TrTr)2 s$6.50image
MK 636/637Sonata F MajorAnonymous (Telemann?)AAs$7.50image
710409Disney Movie FavoritesAnthology2is$6.95image
LPM IM 8Eight Fantasies of the late 16th CenturyAnthologyAT(TrT,VVa)s$8.50image
1.2452Five New DuosAnthologySA/AA/ATs$8.75image
PEL 743Masters of the 16th and 17th Centuries, Vol. 4Anthology2is$20.95image
LPM TM 1Seven Canons of the sixteenth centuryAnthology2i2s$6.00image
N4016Short Pieces by Great Masters; Bach, Haydn, Handel, Mozart, TelemannAnthologySSs$9.75image
710100Walt Disney FavoritesAnthology2is$4.95image
N1387Les petits Concerts, Op. 16, I-IIIAubertAA (FF, OO, VV)s$15.00image
N1388Les petits Concerts, Op. 16, IV-VIAubertAA (FF, OO, VV)s$15.00image
MK 782Country LifeAutenriethSS(TT)2s$6.50image
MK 716DivertimentoAutenriethSTs$5.00image
MK 707Funf KanonsAutenriethSTs$5.00image
MK 736The four Temperaments, Sketches for two recorders in CAutenriethSS(TT)s$5.00image
ED274812 Pieces from the Notebook of Anna Magdalena BachBach, J. S.SAs$11.99image
ST 10070Movements by BachBach, J. S.SSs$8.95image
MK 320Six Canons from The Musical OfferingBach, J. S.2-3is$5.50image
PP 120Two-Part InventionsBach, J. S.SBs$15.50image
N36237 Bach-Inventionen, für Sopran und AltflöteBach, J. S. (Schlaa)SAs$13.50image
00710190Bach, 18 Pieces for Recorder Solo or DuetBach, J. S. (Sevush)S, SSs$6.99image
N2414Italienisches Konzert (BWV 971)Bach, J. S. (Veilhan)AB2p$18.50image
N2293Konzert g-moll BWV 1043/1062Bach, J. S. (Veilhan)AA2p$15.25image
HACO 2Duet 7, Op. 72BakerSS(TT)s$9.95image
PCB0009Modal Airs and DancesBallAAs$10.50image
TR 4Suites a 2, Opus 1, No. 1, 2, and 3BatonAA (FF, OO)s$4.75image
PP 69Duet No. IIBeethovenATs$9.00image
U HS 0512 two-part Sonatinas, Bologna 1744BertalottiSAs$17.00image
CC049Six Duets for RecordersBlakerAT,TB,TGb,TT,ABs$10.00image
BP 771Recueil de Pieces, Heft 1BlavetAAs$24.00image
BP 772Recueil de Pieces, Heft 2BlavetAAs$24.00image
BP 2020Sechs Sonaten für Zwei Altblockflöten, op. 1BlavetAAs$22.00image
DOL 708Six Concertos (Op. 38) 1732BoismortierAAs$10.50image
OFB 5Six Easy Duets for 2 Altos, Op. 17, Vol. 1BoismortierAAs$19.99image
OFB   6Six Easy Duets for 2 Altos, Op. 17, Vol. 2BoismortierAAs$14.95image
HM 206Six Little Suites, Op. 27BoismortierAAs$20.00image
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