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Item NumberDescriptionCompanyPriceSee ItIn
A 209BBrown plastic, 3 piece, baroque style,light weightAulos$20.00n/ayes
YRA-302BBrown Plastic, cloth caseYamaha$30.00n/ayes
A309APlastic, dark brown, 3 piece, case, consort instruAulos$30.00n/ayes
A309AFLAlto Recorder for the Disabled, Right hand adjustsAulos$30.00n/ayes
YRA-402BEcoDearTM Plastic alto, yellowgold, cloth case Yamaha$35.00n/ayes
A 709BPlastic, Brown, vinyl case, Haka Aulos$35.00n/ayes
YRA-314BPlastic, Grenadilla finish, cloth caseYamaha$36.00n/ayes
YRA-312BPlastic, Rosewood finish, cloth caseYamaha$36.00n/ayes
A 509BPlastic, dark brown, curved windway, 3 piece, caseAulos$38.00n/ayes
ZE.G-1APlastic, Brown, Bressan, soft caseZen-On$44.00n/ayes
A 709BWPlastic, Woodgrain, vinyl case, Haka Aulos$50.00n/ayes
SUARRF/ZPlastic, 2 part, Rennaissance, wide boreKelhorn$52.00n/ayes
ZE.G-1A/415Plastic, Brown, Bressan at 415, soft caseZen-On$160.00n/ayes
MCK 4300Maple alto, RottenburghMoeck$325.00n/ayes
MCK 4303Pear alto, Rottenburgh, stainedMoeck$380.00n/ayes
MH5206Pearwood alto, Denner, natural, soft caseMollenhauer$400.00n/ayes
MH4317Dream alto, Pearwood natural, double holeMollenhauer$410.00n/ayes
MCK 2320Rondo alto, Maple with added F/F# keys, roll caseMoeck$440.00n/ayes
MCK 4304Boxwood alto, RottenburghMoeck$500.00n/ayes
MH2246Pearwood alto, Canta, natural, F/F# keysMollenhauer$500.00n/ayes
MH5222Castello boxwood alto, Denner, soft caseMollenhauer$575.00n/ayes
MCK 8350Kynseker Renaissance altoMoeck$600.00n/ayes
TE4318Dream edition Alto, Plumwood, soft caseMollenhauer$660.00n/ayes
MH4218Kynseker alto, Plumwood, soft caseMollenhauer$700.00n/ayes
MCK 4305Rosewood alto, RottenburghMoeck$700.00n/ayes
MH5220Rosewood alto, Denner, soft caseMollenhauer$750.00n/ayes
MCK 8320Renaissance consort alto, BaroqueMoeck$750.00n/ayes
MCK 4306Olive alto, RottenburghMoeck$825.00n/ayes
MCK 4307Grenadilla alto, RottenburghMoeck$850.00n/ayes
MH5224Grenadilla alto, Denner, soft caseMollenhauer$950.00n/ayes
MCK5347Ehlert Alto, Grenadilla, hard caseMoeck$1900.00n/ayes
MCK5343Ehlert Alto, Boxwood, hard caseMoeck$1450.00n/ano