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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
00-15810Folk Strings, Accompaniment(Martin)Pfs$5.95image
00-0971More Festive Strings, String Quartet, Score(Martin)VVVaC Pfs$8.95image
00-0972More Festive Strings, String Quartet, Violin I(Martin)Vp$4.95image
00-0987More Festive Strings, String Quartet, Violin II(Martin)Vp$5.95image
00-0995More Festive Strings, String Quartet, Viola(Martin)Vap$4.95image
00-0997More Festive Strings, String Quartet, Cello(Martin)Cp$4.95image
00-0974More Festive Strings, Viola Ensemble(Martin)VaVaVaVas$6.95image
00-0973More Festive Strings, Violin Ensemble(Martin)VVVVs$6.95image
00-159X0More Folk Strings, Score (String Quartet or Ensemble)(Martin)VVVaCs$7.95image
00-16620More Folk Strings, Violin Ensemble(Martin)VVVVs$6.95image
00-16701XMore Folk Strings, Viola Ensemble(Martin)VaVaVaVas$6.95image
00-16890XMore Folk Strings, Cello Ensemble(Martin)CCCCs$7.99image
00-16540More Folk Strings, Quartet, Bass part(Martin)Bs$5.95image
00-17270XMore Folk Strings, Accompaniment(Martin)Pfs$6.99image
12-0571510566Cello Carol Time(Max and Hubicki)C Pfp & s$10.25image
21361Christmas Strings, Cello, Bass with Piano Acc.(Miller)CB,Pfp & s$9.95image
21360Christmas Strings, Viola, Violin 3 and Ensemble Score(Miller)Va Vp & s$9.95image
ED1553Old Masters for young players, Vol. II(Moffat)V Pfp & s$20.99image
98VNStrings Extraordinaire! Violin(Monday & McAllister)Vp$5.50image
98VAStrings Extraordinaire! Viola(Monday & McAllister)Vap$4.95image
98COStrings Extraordinaire! Cello(Monday & McAllister)Cp$4.95image
98FStrings Extraordinaire! Full Score(Monday & McAllister)VVVaVaCCBBPfs$14.95image
703201Collected Quartets, Volume I for string Quartet(Neuen-Rabinowitz)VVVaC4p$24.95image
110VNBach and Before for Strings, Violin(Newell)Vs$6.45image
110VABach and Before for Strings, Viola(Newell)Vas$6.45image
110COBach and Before for Strings, Cello(Newell)Cs$6.45image
110SBBach and Before for Strings, String Bass(Newell)Bs$6.45image
110PABach and Before for Strings, Piano Accompaniment(Newell)Pfs$6.45image
110FBach and Before for Strings, Conductor Score(Newell)VVaCBs$19.95image
00-16583Strictly Classics, Book 2 Bass(O'Reilly)Bs$5.95image
50482507Christmas Collection, String Quartets, 20 Carols(Ocker)VVVaCp & s$40.00image
K 239Cello Meets Piano II(Pejtsik)C Pfp & s$10.00image
98965Easy Duets for Violin(Puscoiu)VVs$9.95image
703203Collected Quartets, Volume 2(Rabinowitz)VVVaC4p$24.95image
CMP 497A Baroque Gradus ad Parnassum, Volume 1, 24 Baroque etudes(Reiter)Vp$17.00image
AM 40569Violin Duets, Everybody's Favorite Series 135(Sackson)VV2p$17.99image
BA 6646Spielbuch fur Streicher(Sassmannshaus)VVaCs$18.50image
BA 6647Weihnachtsspielbuch fur Streicher(Sassmannshaus)VVVaCs$23.00image
00-0319Suzuki String Orchestra Accompaniments, Violin I for Volumes 1& 2(Schwartz, Kendall)Vp$3.95image
20965Christmas Music Arranged for Violin Duet(Staidle)VVp & s$24.99image
50500620Encores for Cello(Starker)C Pfp & s$12.95image
00-0796Folk Songs of the USA(Starr)VVVaCB Pfs$7.95image
00-0982Rounds and Canons, Cello(Starr)Cs$7.95image
00-0981Rounds and Canons, Viola(Starr)Vas$7.95image
00-0980Rounds and Canons, Violin(Starr)Vs$8.95image
00-0410SViolas in Concert, Classical Collection, Vol. 1(Stuen-Walker)2-5 Vas$8.95image
00-23080XViolas in Concert, Classical Collection, Vol. 2(Stuen-Walker)3-5 Vas$11.95image
20666A Celtic Fiddle Christmas(Tanguay)V(VV)s$9.99image
VN6Violin Series, 2nd Edition, Album 6(TRCM)VPfp & s$15.95image
VN8Violin Series, 2nd Edition, Album 8(TRCM)VPfp & s$17.95image
VNR00Violin Series, Third Edition, Introductory(TRCM)VPfp & s$10.50image
VNR01UViolin Series, Third Edition, Album 1(TRCM)VPfp & s$17.50image
V42UViolin Series, 2013 Edition, Album 2 with CD(TRCM)VPfp & s CD$29.95image
V43Violin Series, 2013 Edition, Album 3 with CD(TRCM)VPfp & s CD$32.95image
V44UViolin Series, 2013 Edition, Album 4 with CD(TRCM)VPfp & s CD$33.95image
VNR05UViolin Series, Third Edition, Album 5(TRCM)VPfp & s$23.50image
VNR07UViolin Series, Third Edition, Album 7(TRCM)VPfp & s$26.50image
VS41Violin Series, 2013 Edition, Technique Introductory- Level 4(TRCM)Vs$24.95image
VNT02Violin Series, Third Edition, Technique Level 5-8(TRCM)Vs$15.95image
VNE01Violin Series, Third Edition, Orchestral Excerpts(TRCM)Vs$21.95image
ED12502Christmas String Quartets, 10 Carols(Turner)VVVaCp & s$26.95image
00-19640XMy Trio Book, Music of Suzuki Violin Vol. 1-3 for 3 violins, score(Wartberg)VVVs$8.95image
00-19720XMy Trio Book, Music of Suzuki Violin Vol. 1-3 for 3 violins, violin 2(Wartberg)Vp$7.95image
00-19800XMy Trio Book, Music of Suzuki Violin Vol. 1-3 for 3 violins, violin 3(Wartberg)Vp$7.95image
98551Classical Duets for the Cello(Watts)CC2s$9.95image
04472760First Quartet Album for Strings(Whistler & Hummel)VVVaCs$6.95image
4472620Christmas Time for Violin(Whistler)V Pfs$5.95image
4472750First Trio Album(Whistler)VVVs$5.00image
4472680Violin Masters' Duet Repertoire(Whistler)VVs$4.95image
G141A Duetto for two Violoncellos, WKO 228, with FacsimileAbelCCp & s $26.00image
BP 2660Duetto fur zwei VioloncelliAbelCCp$16.00image
G252Second Pembroke Collection, Four Duets A3:1-4AbelCCp & s$26.50image
N2132Zwei Sonaten für Violoncello und Klavier, A-Dur WK 148, G-Dur WK 147AbelC Pfp & s$25.00image
BP 2438DivertimentoAlbrechtsbergerVaVaBp & s$24.00image
EW 571Sonata 12 Das JagerhornAnonymer MeisterV Bcp & s$18.00image
EW 579Sonata Wie schon leuchtet der MorgensternAnonymer MeisterV Bcp & s$23.50image
EBA2301DuettoAnonymus/ GraunCCp & s$14.25image
00278644101 Christmas Solos, ViolinAnthologyVs$14.99image
140028025 favourite worship songsAnthologyVs, CD$11.95image
MZ13286Declaration of Love, Album of Popular Pieces for Viola and PfAnthologyVa Pfp & s$23.00image
PV2807Eight Tangos from Argentina and Finland for two ViolasAnthologyVaVa2s$22.00image
BOE005011Music from the Romantic Era, Violin & Piano, First Recital PiecesAnthologyV Pfp & s$17.95image
BOE005012Music from the Romantic Era, Violin & Piano, Recital PiecesAnthologyV Pfp & s$14.95image
MZ17373Popular Music by Russian Composers Vol 3AnthologyV Pfp & s$18.00image
PF 164Select Preludes & Vollentarys for the ViolinAnthologyVs$20.00image
PF 115The Division Violin, Vol. IAnthologyV Bcs$20.00image
PF 116The Division Violin, Vol. II, Fourth EditionAnthologyV Bcs$20.00image
CMP 617Suite for 6 ViolinsAshfieldVVVVVVp & s$21.00image
BA 5116Three Sonatas and three Partitas for Solo Violin, BWV 1001-1006Bach, J. S.Vs$24.00image
CMP 620Chaconne for Viola, Urtext Edition from BWV 1004, includes FacsimileBach, J. S.Vas$9.00image
BA 5118Six Sonatas for Violin, Vol. I, BWV 1014-1016Bach, J. S.V Bcp & s$33.00image
BA 5119Six Sonatas for Violin, Vol. II, BWV 1017-1019Bach, J. S.V Bcp & s$32.00image
CMP 635Chaconne from Violin Partita No. 2 BWV 1004Bach, J. S. (Forbes)Vas$9.00image
50260150Six Suites for Violincello solo, BWV 1007-1012Bach, J. S. (Gaillard)Cs$9.95image
IMC1683Concerto in D minor, S. 1043Bach, J. S. (Galamian)VV Pfp & s$12.50image
IMC1893Concerto No. 2 in E major, S. 1042, violin and pianoBach, J. S. (Galamian)V Pfp & s$12.75image
EP7489Six Suites for Solo Violoncello, Edition for Solo Viola, BWV 1007-1012Bach, J. S. (Rowland-Jones)Vas$21.95image
BA 320Six Suites for Violincello solo, BWV 1007-1012Bach, J. S. (Wenzinger)Cs$30.00image
11440166Sonata for Viola Four Hands and Harpsichord, S. 440Bach, P. D. Q.Va Hp & s$10.95image
SH 05Sonates Pour Le Violoncelle Avec la Basse Continue, Livre II, FacsimileBarriereC Bcp & s $26.00image
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