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253314154Continuo Playing on the Lute, Archlute, and Theorbo, ClothNorthL$49.95image
9780253328540Ockeghem's Missa cuiusvis toni in its Original Notation and Edited in all ModesOckeghem (Houle)4vs$39.95image
BVK 1151The Viol, History of an InstrumentOtterstedt$65.00image
253388247The Music for Viola Bastarda, paperParasBastarda$19.95image
06-410889A Treasury of Early MusicParrish$12.95image
9780253304605The Affinities and Medieval Transposition, clothPesce$27.95image
9780195145632Syntagma Musicum III, translated, hard coverPraetorius (Kite-Powell)$145.00image
BKHU 3016CThe New Harvard Dictionary of MusicRandel$39.99n/a
24.070.00Messiah, Understanding and Performing Handel's MasterpieceRillings$10.00image
253223180Before the ChinrestRitchieVVa$34.95image
253021984The Accompaniment in Unaccompanied Bach, Interpreting the Sonatas and PartitasRitchie$33.00image
9780199916160From Serra to Sancho, Music and Pageantry in California MissionsRussell$40.95image
RTFT 13Anton Diabelli's Guitar Works: A Thematic CatalogueSavijokiG$49.95image
253015013Singing Games in Early Modern Italy, The music books of Orazio Vecchi, clothSchleuse$40.00image
06-215679The Piano Works of Claude DebussySchmitz$12.95image
9780195331943Modal Counterpoint, Renaissance StyleSchubert$98.95image
14003888The Bells of Rhymney and other Songs and Stories of Pete Seeger (reprint)Seegervos$24.95n/a
OK65054The Peggy Seeger Songbook, forty years of songmakingSeegervos$29.95image
SCH10112Perfect Pitch, New Expanded EditionSlonimsky$19.95n/a
SCH10116The Listener's CompanionSlonimsky$19.95n/a
GS 10018Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic PatternsSlonimskyi$29.95n/a
9780199742615The Performance of 16th Century MusicSmith$35.95image
MK4065Das einmaleins des Ensemblespiels, German textSpanhove$25.00n/a
00-0606To Learn with LoveStarr$11.95image
00-0580Ability Development from Age ZeroSuzuki$14.95image
00-0584Nurtured by LoveSuzuki$13.99image
00-0770Young Children's Talent Education & Its MethodSuzuki$19.95image
BSP1Baroque String Playing for ingenious learners, revised editionTarlingV(VaCVdg)$60.00image
MES1Handel's Messiah, a Rhetorical GuideTarling$60.00image
WOR 1The Weapons of Rhetoric, a guide for musicians and audiences, revised 2013Tarling$48.00image
MK4050Die Blockflote in Kantata, Oratorium, und Oper, booklet, German textThieme$4.00image
FTJ06Composing for the Solo RecorderTurnerA$24.00image
DEROB13How to Listen to Modern Music Without EarplugsWalden$15.95image
DEROB07How to stay Awake during Anybody's Second MovementWalden$14.95image
9780198161974Gesualdo, The Man and His Music, Second EditionWatkins$50.00image
00331733The Perfect Wrong Note, Learning to Trust Your Musical SelfWestney$19.99image
253348050O let us Howle Some Heavy Note, Music from 17th Century English StageWinkler$32.00image
WOLLITZThe Recorder Book, 2007 editionWollitz$32.00image
SHA 1The Original Songs in Shakespeare's PlaysZwilling$28.00image
MH6186The Recorder Collection of Frans Bruggen, Poster 150 x 88 cm$16.00n/aOut of stock
MH6406Recorders Based on Historical Models, Fred Morgan Writings and Memories(Rothe)$60.00n/aOut of stock
253347985The World of Baroque Music, New Perspectives, with 2 CDs, cloth(Stauffer)$24.55imageOut of stock
253344565Musician as Entrepreneur, 1700-1914, Managers, Charlatans, and Idealists, Cloth(Weber)$40.00n/aOut of stock
253332079The Music of the Troubadors (cloth cover)Aubrey$17.00imageOut of stock
253213891The Music of the Troubadors (paper cover)Aubrey$17.55imageOut of stock
0198166044Women Musicians of Venice, rev. ed.Baldauf-Berdes$55.00n/aOut of stock
253216830New Historical Anthology of Music by Women, paperBriscoe$24.00imageOut of stock
0193231751Embellishing 16th Century MusicBrown$38.95imageOut of stock
253343659A History of Baroque Music, clothBuelow$46.00imageOut of stock
06-250296A History of Musical StyleCrocker$17.95imageOut of stock
039396003XThe Interpretation of Early Music, New Revised EditionDonington$42.00n/aOut of stock
9780199862498Crossing Confessional Boundaries, The Patronage of Italian Sacred Music, DresdenFrandsens$35.00n/aOut of stock
MMMLF II/20Dialogo facsimileGalilei$85.00n/aOut of stock
9780253007872Mary, Music, and Meditation, clothGetz$40.00imageOut of stock
9780253209429The Hurdy-Gurdy in Eighteenth-Century FranceGreen$15.95imageOut of stock
198165927Four and Twenty Fiddlers: The Violin at the English Court 1540-1690Holman$55.00n/aOut of stock
00-BMR07023CDKids can Listen, Kids can Move!Kleinerbook CD$21.95imageOut of stock
253341663A History of the Harpsichord, Cloth cover, CDKottick$40.00n/aOut of stock
017116495The Notation is not the Music, Reflections on Early Music Practice, clothKuijken$32.00imageOut of stock
9780195171440Bach's Works for Solo Violin, Style, Structure, PerformanceLester$35.95imageOut of stock
9789051797428The Rebirth of the Baroque ViolinLindemans$40.00imageOut of stock
ZN540600The Recorder Collection of Franz Bruggen, book of plates and 18 drawingsMorganr$55.99n/aOut of stock
9780193185135Fundamental Principles of Violin PlayingMozart, L.$95.00imageOut of stock
9780253354860Music Education in the Middle Ages and the RenaissanceMurray, Jr., Weiss, Cyrus$50.00imageOut of stock
9780195399714The Flower of Paradise, Marian devotion and Secular SongRothenberg$35.00n/aOut of stock
9780195394207The Art of PartimentoSanguinetti$62.00imageOut of stock
253207274Reed Design for Early WoodwindsSmith$14.95n/aOut of stock
CMP 487Baroque Violin Technique, A supplement of musical ExamplesTarlingV(VaCVdg)p$16.00imageOut of stock
CMP 496The Baroque Dance 1660-1725, A performance study book for treble and bassTarling2is$16.00imageOut of stock
253213851General Rules for Accompanying (transcription and translation)Torres (Murphy)$20.00n/aOut of stock
253352187Music and Wonder at the Medici Court,1589 Interludes for La pellegrina.CD, clothTreadwell$32.00imageOut of stock
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