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CRCS 1269Thus Bonny Boots the Birthday Celebration John Holmes(Ayre)SSATBp & s$8.00image
DOL 107The Consort Collection, Vol. 2(Bernstein)5is$16.00image
PCC 24Blow the wind southerly(Clark)SAATBp & s$7.50image
N3965Quintett Spielbuch I(Herrmann)5is$19.00image
N3978Quintett Spielbuch II(Herrmann)5is$25.25image
HARB 10A Girl in Every Port (A Suite of Sea Songs)(Lewin, A.)SATTBp & s$15.00image
HARB 19Poor Mariners, Three Traditional Sea Songs(Lewin, A.)SATTBp & s$14.50image
CVP 59Forest Green(Lindvall)SnSATBp & s$7.00image
LMP 147Billy Broke Locks, or the Escape of old John Webb(Loux)SAATB vop & s$15.00image
LMP 225How Stands the Glass Around? (Why Soldiers, Why)(Loux)SAATB vo (Pf)p & s$22.00image
MHE50603Greensleeves, (low voice)(Marshall, S.)AATBGb, AATTBGbp & s$9.00image
DOL 133English Madrigals for Recorders, Volume III, 9 Madrigals for 5 Recorders(Thomas)SSATBs$8.00image
LPM EM 3Courtly Masquing Ayres, Vol. IAdson5i(L)(5V)p & s$11.75image
LPM EM 4Courtly Masquing Ayres, Volume IIAdson5i7p & s$12.00image
LMP 50Three Jacobean DancesAdson, Dering, Bassano5ip & s$7.75image
LPM TM 9Canzoni alla Napolitana (1574) Selection IAgostini5i5s$13.50image
LPM TM 59Four Canzoni alla NapolitanaAgostiniAATTB(TrTTBB)s$4.50image
N4518Sonata d-Moll op. 2/IVAlbinoni (Herrmann)SnSATBp & s$22.00image
CRCS 284Remember not, Lord, Our OffencesAmner (Ayre)ATTBBp & s$5.50image
LPM EML 111Hoftanz BenzenhauerAnon4-5i5s$5.50image
LMP 30Paduana: Bona SperanzaAnonymousBBBBBs$3.00image
LPM EML 3272 Short English FantasiesAnthologySATTB5s$6.50image
LPM TM 51English Ballad TunesAnthology4-5i5s$13.50image
LPM AN 4Fors seulement, 8 settings by de la Rue, Divitis, et al for 5 winds or stringsAnthology5i8p$15.00image
N1318Italian Masters, Madrigal Fantasia for 5 PartsAnthology5ip & s$30.00image
3.7135Jacobean Consort Music, Vol. 4Anthology5ip & s$17.35image
AP 059NolaArndtSAATBp & s$7.95image
MK3628Pavanes and Gaillards for five and four partsAttaingnantSATTBs$10.00image
N4671Woodwind Sinfonia No. 3Bach, J. C.SATTBp & s$25.50image
PP 59Presto from Brandenburg No. 4Bach, J. S.AAATBp & s$8.75image
JR 15Brandenburg Concerto No. 6, GigueBach, J. S.SSATBp & s$14.50image
PP 180Bist du bei mirBach, J. S. (Andresen)AATBGbp & s$11.00image
HACO 1Quintet, Op. 104BakerSAATTp & s$17.95image
PCB 0030PMusic for a Banquet, parts setBallSn(A)SATBp & s$14.00image
PCB 0030Music for a Banquet, score and partsBallSn(A)SATBp & s$24.00image
DOL 401Recorders in RhythmBatemanSATTBp & s$9.50image
PP 3All Creatures NowBennetSSATBp & s$9.50image
CC026Recorders on ParadeBishopSAA(Sn)TBp & s$12.00image
HARA 12Toreador's SongBizetSA(Sn)ATBp & s$11.00image
N3756Concerto d-Moll, Op. 15 Nr. 6BoismortierTTTTTp & s$28.50image
LMP 100Concert, Op. 15, No. 4, scoreBoismortierAAAAAs$11.95image
LMP 100AConcert, Op. 15, No. 4, alto 1BoismortierAp$2.50image
LMP 100BConcert, Op. 15, No. 4, alto 2BoismortierAp$2.50image
LMP 100CConcert, Op. 15, No. 4, alto 3BoismortierAp$2.50image
LMP 100DConcert, Op. 15, No. 4, alto 4BoismortierAp$2.50image
LMP 100EConcert, Op. 15, No. 4, alto 5BoismortierAp$2.50image
LPM EML 3332 PaduanenBorchgrevinckSSATB5s$6.50image
LMP 146Ye Sweet RetreatBoyceSAATBp & s$6.50image
CRCS 322Allegro Assai (Fugato)Boyce (Ayre)SAATBp & s$11.50image
LPM DM 17Neue Lustige Volten, Couranten, Balletten, PadoanenBrade5is$11.75image
LPM TM 32Nine Masque Dances, 1617, for five instrumentsBrade5i5s$12.00image
LPM EML 249Paduana & Gagliarda (Christian Hildebrand)BradeSSATB5s$5.50image
LPM TM 24Pavans & GalliardsBrade5i5s$12.25image
LPM TM 43Ten Dances (1617)Brade5i5s$13.25image
HARA 68Es ist ein' Ros' and Innsbruck set by BrahmsBrahmsSATB/SAATBp & s$11.50image
LMP 24Motet, Op. 29, No. 2BrahmsSATTBs$1.25image
PP 83MeadowsBroegeSAATBp & s$8.75image
RFS 41In My Merry OldsmobileBryan & EdwardsSATBGbp & s$5.95image
LPM EML 3692 Serious SongsByrd5i(5vo)5s$6.50image
LMP 51Browning for 5Byrd5ip & s$12.00image
LPM 528Come, Woeful OrpheusByrd5vo, 5i6p & s$5.75image
LPM 527Crowned with FlowersByrd5vo, 5i7p & s$6.00image
ST 11524Fantasia a 5ByrdSATTBp & s$11.95image
NRWB5FANFantasia of Five Parts, Two parts in one in the 4th aboveByrdSATTBp & s$12.00image
LPM EML 165Pavan and GalliardByrdSATTB5s$5.50image
NRWB5PREPrelude and Ground The Queen's GoodnightByrdSATTBp & s$12.00image
LPM EM 21The Five-part Consort Music, Vol. I: the FantasiesByrd5ip & s$19.25image
LPM EM 22The Five-part Consort Music, Vol. II: the In NominesByrd5ip & s$14.00image
ED-R01504Gipsie's RoundByrd (Coldwell)SATTBp & s$16.00image
HAEE 1Fantasia in Five Parts, The Leaves be GreeneByrd (Lewin, G.)SA(T)TTBp & s$14.00image
FEB029LargoCaldaraSSATBp & s$10.00image
FEA066Christe Eleison op. 59/CCaldiniAATTBs$19.50image
FEA198Tre Corali, Marginalia n. 15CaldiniTBBBBp & s$14.00image
FEA166Un lungo addio, Op. 145BCaldiniATBBBp & s$20.00image
MON115Ballad, Blues and RiffsChallingerSAATBp & s$14.00image
MON111Tasty Trifles, Three Pieces for RecordersChallingerSAATBp & s$18.00image
RS 4Recorder Studies 4ChandlerSAATBp & s$13.95image
RS 5Recorder Studies 5ChandlerSAATBp & s$13.95image
PBE 7PCeltic Fancies- parts setCharltonSAATBp$12.00image
PBE 7Celtic Fancies- score only CharltonSAATBs$6.95image
JR 1Commodious RagCharltonSAATBp & s$12.50image
JR 2Pipe DreamsCharltonSAATBp & s$14.50image
JR 13Royal FlushCharltonSAATBp & s$10.00image
LPM EML 3464 PiecesChristeniusSSATB5s$6.50image
PP 110Fire Down BelowClarkSATTBp & s$4.25image
HARA 27Irish SuiteClarkSATTBp & s$13.50image
PCC 089The Highway to Dublin, The Rocky Road to Dublin, The Light in the WindowClarkSAATBp & s$11.00image
HARB 03Three AvocationsClarkSAATBp & s$14.50image
CRCS 1267With Wreaths of Rose and LaurelCobbold (Ayre)SSATBp & s$11.00image
LPM EML 3032 Italian piecesCoperario5i5s$7.25image
LPM EM 27Eight 5-part ConsortsCoprario5i8p & s$14.00image
LPM EML 1342 ChansonsCrecquillon5i(5vo)5s$6.50image
LMP 177Oncques amourCrecquillonSSATB vop & s$4.50image
LPM EML 1222 PavansDeering5i5s$5.50image
PAR 411Chacone from the Ballet de JeunesseDelalande (Robinson)SAT(A)TB(Gb)p & s$20.00image
HARA 87Entracte from LakmeDelibes (Clark)SAATBp & s$10.50image
MK 210Dances in the Polish and German Styles, Six DancesDemantiusSATTBs$5.00image
N3940Sinfonia d-MollDonizetti (Herrmann)SnAATBp & s$24.00image
DOL 114The Dowland Collection, 23 PiecesDowland4-5i(4-5vo)s$11.50image
HAEE 21Dowland Unbarred! a selection of pieces from LachrimaeDowland (Lewin, A.)SAA(T)TB(Gb)p & s$15.00image
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