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Polychoral 8

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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
PP137Diligam DomineSweelinck (Luff)SATB SATBp & s$12.25image
LPM ADC 2Canzon DecimanonaTrofeoSAAB+SATBp & s$8.50image
LPM ADC 80Jubilate Deo a 8TrombettiSATB ATBB, vo11p & s$8.75image
LPM ADC 88Salve ReginaTrombettiSATB+ATTB(8vo)12p & s$8.50image
LPM ADC 87Tulerunt DominumTrombettiSATB+SATB(8vo)12p & s$8.50image
LPM EML 2502 DialoghiVecchiSATB+SATB(8vo)8p & s$10.00image
LPM EML 1662 SinfonieViadanaSATB+SATB Bc9s$13.75image
LPM VM 20La BergamascaViadanaSATB+SATB11p & s$11.50image
LPM ADC 1La BologneseViadanaSATGb+SATGb12p & s$11.00image
LPM ADC 15La BrescianaViadanaSSAT+ATTB11p & s$9.00image
LPM ADC 128La CremoneseViadanaSATB SATBp & s$11.50image
LPM ADC 47La FerrareseViadanaSSAT+ATBB11p & s$9.00image
LPM ADC 38La Fiorentina, sets of low and high parts, winds and violsViadanaATTB+ATTB22p & s$8.00image
LPM ADC 129La GenoveseViadanaSATB SATBp & s$9.75image
LPM ADC 133La MilaneseViadanaSSAT/SATB x 2p & s$11.50image
LPM ADC 64La ModeneseViadanaSATB SATB, 8i Bc13p $7.50image
LPM ADC 63La NapolitanaViadanaSATB+SATB Bc11p & s$11.00image
LPM EML 214La PadovanaViadanaSATB+SATB Bc9s$10.00image
LPM ADC 28La ParmigianaViadanaATTB+ATTB12p & s$7.50image
LPM ADC 55La PiacentinaViadanaSATB+SATB Bc11p & s$11.00image
LPM ADC 54La ReggianaViadanaSATB+SATB Bc11p & s$9.00image
LPM ADC 54-01La Reggiana, parts transposedViadanaSATB+SATB Bc4p$4.00image
LPM ADC 21La VenetianaViadanaSATB+SATB12p & s$8.00image
LPM ADC 134La VeroneseViadanaSATB/ATTB x 2p & s$11.50n/a
MK3618Sinfonie Musicale, Opera XVIII, La Mantouana, La CremoneseViadanaSATB SATB Bc3p S$20.00image
MK3617Sinfonie Musicale, Opera XVIII, La Venetiana, La FiorentiaViadanaSATB SATB Bc3p S$20.00image
OL 232Two Motets, Ave Maria and Dixit DominusVictoriaSATB SATB(Gb)p & s$21.00image
LP SRS 2Ave MariaLoboAATT+ATTBp & s$13.00n/aOut of stock
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