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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
ED11244Harpsichord Method(Boxall)Hs$35.00image
ED11837Twelve Easy Pieces for harpsichord(Boxall)Hs$13.99image
EK003Priscilla Bunbury's Virginal Book(Brookes)Hs$30.00image
DM 297Intabulatura Nova(Cerha)Hs$24.00image
06210685The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, Vol. I(Fulller Maitland & Squire)Hs$34.95image
06210693The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, Vol. II(Fulller Maitland & Squire)Hs$34.95image
ES66The Medici Harpsichord Book, 15 Anonymous Keyboard Pieces late 17th century(Hakkinen)Hs$23.00image
PF 204The 1st book of the Ladys EntertainmentAmadori & SimonelliHs$17.50image
PF 101The First Part of Musick's Hand-maidAnthologyHs$17.50image
PF 102The Second Part of Musick's Hand-maidAnthologyHs$20.00image
LPM EK 14Quatorze Gaillards, neuf Pavannes, sept Branles, et deux Basse Dances 1531AttaingnantHarpsichords$11.00image
EBA4008Labyrinthe I, Three works for HarpsichordAutori DiversiHs$22.00image
EBA4023Labyrinthe II, Four works for HarpsichordAutori DiversiHs$20.00image
06-253872Italian Concerto, Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue, other worksBach, J. S.H(Organ,Pf)s$10.95image
PF 24Pieces de Clavecin, Premier LivreBalbastreHs$17.50image
PF 232Sonatas et Pieces Pour le Clavecin, Livre VIBarriereHs$20.00image
PF 56Pieces de Clavecin, Livre PremierChambonnieresHs$20.00image
PF 57Pieces de Clavecin, Livre SecondChambonnieresHs$20.00image
PF 92Choice Lessons for Harpsichord or Spinett, facsimile ClarkeHs$20.00image
PF 221er Livre de Pieces de ClavecinClerambaultHs$12.50image
06-257959Complete Keyboard Works, Series One: Ordres I-XIIICouperinHs$18.95image
06-257967Complete Keyboard Works, Series Two: Ordres XIV-XXVII and Miscellaneous PiecesCouperinHs$19.95image
PF 296Pieces de Clavecin, Priemier LivreCouperinHs$30.00image
PF 297Pieces de Clavecin, Second LivreCouperinHs$30.00image
PF 298Pieces de Clavecin, Troisieme LivreCouperinHs$30.00image
PF 299Pieces de Clavecin, Quatrieme LivreCouperinHs$30.00image
50261320Harpsichord PiecesCouperin (Oesterle)Hs$13.99image
AOK7ASelected Works for Harpsichord in C Major and a MinorD'Anglebert (Harris)Hs$25.00image
AOK7BSelected Works for Harpsichord in D Major D'Anglebert (Harris)Hs$25.00image
PF 165Premier Livre Pieces de ClavecinDandrieuHs$22.50image
PF 166Second Livre Pieces de ClavecinDandrieuHs$20.00image
PF 167Troisieme Livre Pieces de ClavecinDandrieuHs$17.50image
PF 421er Livre de Pieces de ClavecinDaquinHs$20.00image
AOK11The Collected Works for KeyboardDuMont (Lawrence & Cyr)Hs$30.00image
DMM 1Running the Numbers: A Thorough Figured-Bass Workbook for Keyboard, Rev 2nd EdFitch and AshworthHs$29.95image
PF 205The 2d book of the Ladys EntertainmentFontana, Purcell, HallHs$15.00image
CF 9Les Pieces de Clavessin, Premier LivreJacquet de la GuerreHs$30.00image
JACQ1AThe Collected Works for Harpsichord, Part 1Jacquet de la GuerreHs$30.00image
JACQ1BThe Collected Works for Harpsichord, Part 2Jacquet de la GuerreHs$25.00image
BA 490Schule des Generalbass Spiels, German textKellerHarpsichords$35.00image
PF 222Pieces de ClavecinLe RouxHs$25.00image
EBA4009Ciaccona Stravaganza, Menuetto per CembaloMarchelloHs$25.00image
PF 134A Choice Collection of Lessons for the HarpsichordPurcellHs$17.50image
PF 157Nouvelles Suites de Pieces de ClavecinRameauHs$20.00image
PF 156Pieces de ClavessinRameauHs$20.00image
CF 1Premier Livre de Pieces de ClavecinRameau (Wolf)Hs$15.00image
AOK3The Collected WorksRichard (Gustafson)Hs$25.00image
ABRSM4584Baroque Keyboard Pieces, Book I(Jones)Hs$16.50n/aOut of stock
ER 134Italian Harpsichord Compositions, Book IAnthologyHs$17.95imageOut of stock
PF 1Parthenia or the MaydenheadByrd, Bull, GibbonsHs$17.50imageOut of stock
BA10844Pieces de clavecin, Premier livre (1713) UrtextCouperinHs$60.00imageOut of stock
00-580L'Art de Toucher le ClavecinCouperin (Halford)Hs$14.95imageOut of stock
9780193184336Continuo Playing According to HandelHandel (Ledbetter)Hs$47.95imageOut of stock