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AWP0004Music for My Lady's Wedding, Vol. 1(Ayton)S(Tr)A(T) B Bcp & s$28.95image
AWP0005Music for My Lady's Wedding, Vol. II(Ayton)S(Tr)A(T) B Bcp & s$29.95image
Z14132Repertoire for Music Schools, 1a(Bali)S(SA)s$23.45image
Z14217Repertoire for Music Schools, 2b(Bali)S/A/T Bcp & s$29.00image
MCEACDMinuets Cotillions and Early American Country Dances(Barron)V(S)V(A)C(B)s$15.00image
SCEACDSuccessful Campaign and other Early American Country Dances(Barron)VVC (SAB,TrTrB)s$15.00image
CMSILThe Courtliness of the Minuet Step in Irish Lamentation(Barron)3is$20.00image
WEEDLVThe Weeds of Love, English and American Folk Songs(Barron)3i, VVCs$20.00image
DOL 116The Medieval Collection(Bernstein)2-3is$10.00image
ED12911Fun and Games with the Recorder, Ensemble Collection, 36 pieces(Bowman)SAT, SST, SAT, SATBs$20.95image
SY 2614Spielbuch I(Braun & Fischer)Ss$18.95image
SY 2615Spielbuch II(Braun & Fischer)Ss$18.95image
SY 2616Spielbuch III(Braun & Fischer)Ss$18.95image
TIB 9Italian Baroque Dances and Airs, 84 Anonymous solos and duets(Conforzi)2i (AA,AB, VV, FF)s$26.00image
14007903Irish Session Tunes, The Red Book, CD(Cranitch)V(F,S,A,T)s CD$14.99image
GOTRThe Glory of the Renaissance(Feldman)3-5is$16.00image
BE 3The Baroque Ensemble Book 3(Feldman)3-4is$14.00image
BE 4The Baroque Ensemble Book 4(Feldman)3-4is$14.00image
BE 5The Baroque Ensemble Book 5(Feldman)3-4is$14.00image
PAN 794Musique de France, Folkmusic for recorder, xylophone, and guitar(Fink)1-4 r, 1-3 G, percs$22.50image
UE 31222ERecorder Music for Young Players(Fortin)S(ATB Bc G)p & s$14.95image
ILLICITAIllicita cosa, Chromatic fantasias, madrigals, and motets for 4-6 recorders(Haas)4-6 recs$20.00image
MUSICSILVERMusic with her silver sound, Sounds from the plays of William Shakespeare(Haas)1-2 vo, 3-5 rec, L s$35.00image
96836Early American Roots, Violin Edition(Hesperus, Chancey)V,A,Gs$14.95image
253388465Doulce memoire, A Study in Performance Practice(Houle)1-6i, vo, Lp & s$18.95image
0571541143Sixty Country Dance Tunes, A collection with facsimile and dance instructions(Hutchinson)V (T, A)s$14.95image
00-B103A Selection of 100 English Folk Dance Airs(Karpeles & Schofield)S(V)s$6.95image
AMH0002Music for the Duke of Lerma, Revised Edition, 2006(Kirk)4-6is$55.00image
1.3119A Recorder Sampler, Trios and Quartets, from ARS edtions(Lehman & Newman)3-4is$32.50image
1.3190A Recorder Sampler II(Lehmann)2-6is$13.05image
HAEE 2Medieval Dance Collection(Lewin, G.)is$22.00image
A141100 Enduring Irish Session Tunes(Mallinson)V,F,W,S,A (G)s$15.45image
A166100 Evergreen Irish Session Tunes(Mallinson)V,F,W,S,A (G)s$15.45image
A110Mally's Cotswold Morris Book, Volume I(Mallinson)V(S,W)CD$16.45image
Z 507272Fiori Musicali(Nomura)variouss$6.00image
97752The Spring Garden, County Dance Master(O'Scannell)2-4is$19.99image
U DM 07Manual of Diminution from works of Corelli and Telemann(Pacchioni)A(V,F,Vdg)s$20.00image
N3830Internationale Folklore I, 3 versions, 20 tunes (Petri)SS, SA, SATs$23.25image
N3860Internationale Folklore II- Greenland, Iceland, Finland, 3 versions, 20 tunes(Petri)SS, SA, SATs$30.75image
N3880Internationale Folklore III- Poland, Eastern Europe, 3 versions, 21 tunes(Petri)SS, SA, SATs$29.00image
N3815Internationale Folklore V- Korea, 3 versions, 19 tunes(Petri)SS, SA, SATs$27.75image
N3786Internationale Folklore VI- Russa, 3 versions, 20 tunes(Petri)SS, SA, SATs$33.25image
N3875Internationale Folklore VII- South America, 3 versions 11 tunes(Petri)SS, SA, SATs$27.75image
N3910Internationale Folklore VIII- Greece, 3 versions, 16 tunes(Petri)SS, SA, SATs$24.00image
PAN 779Music of South Asia, Burma and Cambodia(Petri)2-3 is$30.00image
AMH0001Harmonice Musices Odhecaton A, Modern edition(Petrucci)3-5is$45.00image
CF 7Hamonice Musices Odhecaton A, facsimile(Petrucci) (Boorman & Beebe)3-5ip$45.00image
TR00804Battlefield Band, Forward with Scotland's Past(Pincock)i vos$19.95image
TR00809Martyrs, Rogues & Worthies, Songs and Tunes from Scotland(Reid)vo Is$16.95image
ST 11380The Recorder Book, 44 pieces(Rosenberg)1-5is$13.95image
M060022791The Recorder Consort, Vol. 1(Rosenberg)1-6is$24.99image
M060022807The Recorder Consort, Vol. 2(Rosenberg)1-6is$24.00image
M060074455The Recorder Consort, Vol. 3(Rosenberg)1-6is$24.99image
M060097652The Recorder Consort, Vol. 4(Rosenberg)1-5is$23.95image
AD103Scottish Airs for Pairs, 22 Tunes(Seattle)2is$15.00image
A124The Crossroads Dance(Shaskeen)V,F,W,S,A (G)s$14.45image
A123Through the Half-Door(Shaskeen)V,F,W,S,A (G)s$14.45image
00510050World's Favorite Music for the Recorder, No. 50(Shealy)S/S(T)/SSSs$12.95image
ECS2009Elizabethan & Shakespearean Musicke(Simpson)2-6is$19.45image
ECS2010Jacobean & Restoration Musicke(Simpson)2-4is$19.45image
12-0571522238Broadside Ballads, Songs from the streets, taverns, theatres and countryside(Skeaping)vos$35.25image
ED12387The Schott Recorder Consort Anthology, Vol. 1, Fifteenth Century Music(Thomas)2-4is$20.95image
ST 12388The Schott Recorder Consort Anthology, Vol. 2, French & Spanish Music(Thomas)2-6is$20.95image
ST 12389The Schott Recorder Consort Anthology, Vol. 3, Italian Music(Thomas)2-4is$20.95image
ST 12390The Schott Recorder Consort Anthology, Vol. 4, Dance Music(Thomas)3-5is$20.95image
ST 12391The Schott Recorder Consort Anthology, Vol. 5, German & Dutch Music(Thomas)2-6is$20.95image
ST 12392The Schott Recorder Consort Anthology,Vol. 6, English Music(Thomas)3-6is$20.95image
FZZ01A Birthday Album for the Society of Recorder Players(Turner)recs, Bcs$26.00image
93727400 Years of Recorder Music(Weiss)1-4is$17.99image
93435Recorder Book of Medieval and Renaissance Music(Zeidler)S(A)s$7.95image
LMP 20418th Century Regimental Quick Steps from A Selection of Airs, Vol. IIAird (Loux)S (Tr, V)s$3.75image
P471The Castle on the Hill, New Music from the English Countryside, Part 1AndrewsF, S, Ws$12.00image
ABRSM6020Music Medals Copper Ensemble PiecesAnthology (ABRSM)2-3 SSS(T)s$9.95image
ABRSM6039Music Medals Bronze Ensemble PiecesAnthology (ABRSM)2-3 SSA(T)s$9.25image
ABRSM6047Music Medals Silver Ensemble PiecesAnthology (ABRSM)2-4 SSA(T)s$10.50image
ABRSM6055Music Medals Gold Ensemble PiecesAnthology (ABRSM)2-4 SSSA(T)s$11.50image
ABRSM6063Music Medals Platinum Ensemble PiecesAnthology (ABRSM)2-4 SSSA(T)s$15.95image
LPM RM 9Motetti novi e chanzoni franciose a quatro sopra doiAntico4-8 vo, 4-8 is$18.00image
G12.045English Airs, Vol. I, A Nr. 1-20, AA Nr. 21-30, A Bc Nr. 31-50BinghamA, AA, A Bcp & s$24.00image
G12.046English Airs, Vol. II, ABc Nr. 1-40, AA Nr. 41-42BinghamA Bc, AAp & s$28.00image
G12.047English Airs, Vol. III, ABc Nr. 1-40BinghamA Bcp & s$24.00image
G12.048English Airs and a Chaconne, Vol. IV, ABc Nr. 1-40BinghamA Bcp & s$24.00image
MK1523minimal music II (modern technique)Braun2-5 recs$10.00image
KPC0006Goddesses, variationsCampoSB, SSATBCb, SST, S2Harp, SATBs$20.00image
CMP 438XII Country Dances and VI Cotillions with directions for dancingDibdin1-2i Bcp & s$13.00image
UE 30521For TeensFortini vo Percs$19.95image
DO4 433Fourteen PiecesFortinS/As$16.50image
DO4 443Happy Beginner IIFortinSSA(S) perc2p & s$20.00image
DO4 419Happy Music IFortinSA percs$15.00image
DO4 420Happy Music IIFortinSA(S) percs$14.00image
P142An Introduction to Fontegara and the Art of DivisionsGanassi (Murphy)is$16.50image
MK 577Eight Polish SongsGuzowskiSS, SSSs$2.50image
MK1550Dupuy Tren for 3-6 recorders(modern technique)Kaser3-6 rs$20.00image
Z3333Recorder Collection, Vol. IIKodalyAAT, SATB, ATs$3.00image
Z3334Recorder Collection, Vol. IIIKodalyAAT, SAATs$3.00image
LMP 180S'onques Douleureusement L-12Machaut1-3 vo, is$6.00image
9790043055501The Art of Diminution in the 16th and 17th cent., Vol. 1MatharelS(A)s$43.95image
PAR 102Les Agréments- French baroque ornamentation from Principes de MusiqueMonteclair (Robinson)$22.00image
CMP 413English Translation of the text of Tratado de Glosas 1553Ortiz$5.50image
BVK1594Trattado de glosos sobre clausulas (2003) Translations, viol partOrtizVdgVp & s$70.00image
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